• Varieties of Italian Tomato
    The tomato plant arrived in Italy from Central America in the latter years of the 1500s. The climate of southern Europe and especially Italy was so favourable t ...
  • The Home of Cooks, Villa Santa Maria
    We recently visted the small Abruzzo mountain village of Villa Santa Maria in the Val di Sangro, province of Chieti, Just past Lago di Bomba as the valley star ...
  • Discover Trastevere
    Just as Italy is divided into regions, provinces and comune etc, the city of Rome is similarly compartmentalized, this time by 'Rione' or neighborhoods. The Tra ...
  • A Visit to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Goretti, Nettuno
    We received an invite from the Association Santa Maria Goretti to visit Nettuno and make our own short pilgrimage from Rome to discover the life and incredible ...
  • Tropea Red Onions
    These famous red onions are grown in an area which stretches in both directions along the coast from Tropea. The onions belong to the lily family and are of 3 ...
  • History of Palio of Siena
    The Palio of Siena first took place in 1555 as an act of defiance by the 17 armies based the town. They came together to ride for the prize of the 'Drappellone' ...


  • Cooking Lessons between Modena and Bologna
    If you would like to enjoy a cooking class in the glorious hills between Modena and Bologna, then do get in touch with Country Villa Ca' de Magni. The lessons include home made pasta (tortellini, tagliatelle, lasagne etc.), tigelle and piadine, typical desserts (torta di riso, torta tenerina…) and so on. They are held on request throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn in collaboration with well known local chef ...

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  • Amalfi Coast Day Shore Excursions
    Sorrento Silver Star car services offer day trips for individuals or groups wishing to see the most famous sights of the Amalfi Coast. The can be visits to single destinations or two or three locations can be combined. Here we highlight the main elements of each and do follow the links to all details from the website of Sorrento Silver Star. Pick ups are from Naples, Salerno, Sorrento or Amalfi ports and all excursions of ...


  • Chef Academy, Terni
    The Chef Academy in Terni specialzes in courses for the Certificate in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management and our programs are professional entry level qualfications for anyone keen on pursuing a career, or change of career, as a Chef, Sous Chef or Pastry Chef. We have also recently launched our Pizza Chef program.     Chef Academy is located in the very heart of the historical center of Terni in three buildings situated around a smal ...

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