• History of Chocolate Making inTurin

    Between the Piemontesi & chocolate there is a 350 year old love affair and it's no coincidence that the region and Turin have both played a leading role in the ....

  • Cafe Doney Inauguration

    It is always nice to receive an invitation to the opening of a new restaurant or hotel, especially if it's a short journey from our studio in north east Rome. T ....

  • Acqualagna Truffle Festival

    Last time we looked, there were three truffle fairs throughout the year in the town of Acqualagna in Le Marche. They were the Regional Black Truffle Fair in Feb ....

  • Eurochocolate Festival in Perugia

    The annual Eurochocolate festival in Perugia is one of the modern food 'sagre' which has caught the attention of everyone .. and who doesn't like chocolate! It' ....

  • Tour the Porticoes of Bologna

    Bologna Turismo produced an interesting guide to the porticoes of the city a little while back. It has the evocative title of 'Musica per Archi e Portici - note ....

  • The Land of Cagliostro

    Montefeltro  is the geographical territory between Urbino and the Tuscany Romagna border. The zone today actually extends into Romagna as 7 comune decided to le ....

  • Chestnuts from Melfi
    The zone of Vulture is considered an excellent area for the production of chestnuts or 'Marroncino IGP'. Among all the types cultivated and commercialized in It ...
  • Cremona Torrone Festival
    Cremona is famous for its mustard of course, but perhaps it should be more famous for its sweet Christmas nougat called torrone. The annual Festa del Torrone, o ...
  • Acqualagna Truffle Town
    Acqualagna is a town of some 4000 inhabitants settled between the two hills of Gola and Furlo in the province of Pesaro Urbino, in Le Marche. It is one of the m ...
  • Müller Thurgau Wine
    As the River Avisio leaves the Val di Fiemme it enters the Val di Cembra, or more precisely, Müller Thurgau territory.  It is neither the most expensive on the ...
  • Vino Novello Autumn Wine
    Vino Novello is a collective term for a series of new autumn wines released onto the Italian market every year in early November. From Veneto to Sicily, roughl ...
  • Alba truffle festival
    October is white truffle month in Piemonte and the annual Alba truffle festival celebrating the famous 'tartufo bianco' truffles is a massive event. Alba is als ...


  • Discover the Bread and Wine of Altamura

    Puglia Grape Harvest Tour

    This autumn tour takes place during the grape harvest has been organized with the direct cooperation of Cantine Botromagno one of the most interesting wine cellars of the territory. You will leave appreciating the wider history, nature and human endeavour over the centuries from megalithic times. You will stay in Altamura and all transfers are included.  Even in Italy, very few of peo ...

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  • Savor Siena Walking Tour

    Siena Food and Wine Tours

    The Savor Siena walking tour is proposed by tour operator Times of Italy and if you have already done similar tours in Rome, Florence and Venice then you have to add this to your itinerary. Balsamic vinegar, Siena's famous fruitcake or panforte, truffles, cheese and Cinta Sienese pork all feature. You will also meet Siena's best coffee maker who actually blends and roasts his own beans.   Also ...


  • Chef Academy, Terni

    Learn from Top Chefs

    The Chef Academy in Terni specialzes in courses for the Certificate in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management and our programs are professional entry level qualfications for anyone keen on pursuing a career, or change of career, as a Chef, Sous Chef or Pastry Chef. We have also recently launched our Pizza Chef program.     Chef Academy is located in the very heart of the historical center of Terni in three buildings ...

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