Abruzzo Ceramic Art

09 September 2010 Published in Abruzzo Itineraries
ceramic from Castelli in Abruzzo ceramic from Castelli in Abruzzo Delicious Italy

Anyone with Italian roots or origins who wants to rediscover their history, culture and heritage through traditional products still made by hand should consider the old 'botteghe' of Abruzzo. For example, the Valle Peligna.

This wonderful valley in the heart of the region is dotted with many small towns, each with its own traditions which are reflected in the local ceramic production.

The Italian ceramics have ancient origins, they were indispensable for the ancient Italian families at the beginning just for food containers then as furnishings complements that gave colour and beauty to the rooms.

The ceramics are produced and decorated entirely by hand from Italian artists who learn their art of artistic ceramics from their fathers.

The manufacture of the product needs some days, approximately 30; these are the steps to have an original hand made ceramic:

Modelling clay by hand; Drying of pieces; Baking in the furnace to high temperatures; Painting and decoration by hand; Re-cooking in the furnace for giving light to the colors.

All this involves a big attention to the details, every piece that we produce is a small piece of art.

The hamlet go Castelli in province of Teramo is the place to visit for amazing ceramics shops, masterpieces and Museum.


Il Museo della Ceramica di Castelli www.arteceramica.it/