Caggiune e Caggiunitte

02 September 2010 Published in Abruzzo Recipes

Thank you so much for searching for the caggiune recipe from Chieti. I look forward to seeing it on the Delicious Italy website. I think the section on your website dealing with the Abruzzi has great information. Actually, I think the entire website is wonderful. Keep up the good work! M.D.

This recipe comes from the Province of Chieti and explains how to make the traditional Christmas sweets. It takes around 4 hours to prepare according to our source, 1hr 15mins to cook and 10 seconds to eat!


600g of boiled and creamed chick peas, 300g honey, 500gr flour, 100gr sugar, caster sugar, cooking chocolate, chopped pine nuts, 3 eggs, salt, milk, olive oil, glass of sweet white wine, mostocotto.

making it

Cook the milk, chick peas, honey, bit of sugar, chocolate and pine nuts in a pan on a lively heat for around 50 mins.

Stir continuously with a wooden spoon without interruption.

After 20 mins of the above operation add the white wine and towards the end of the 50 mins a bit of mostocotto.

By now the mixture should be creamy and have a distinct perfume.

The mixture is now ready to be poured onto 8cm diamter thin sweet pastry circles. A spoonful on each in a strip along the middle.

The pastry circle is then closed with a pinch of the thumb and perhaps the help of a touch of olive oil.

The caggiune are then deep fried in a spacious pan of olive oil.

Once done, they should be removed and sprinkled with the caster sugar or vanilla powder.

A version called 'mustarde' can also be made which includes black grape jam.

Additional Info

  • Conversion Table: 1 lb (16oz) = 450 gr; 1/2 lb (8oz) = 225gr 1oz = 25gr; 1kg = 2lb 3oz; 500gr = 1lb 3oz; 250gr = 9oz; 100gr = 3.5oz; 1 teaspoon = 0.33 fl oz; 1 cup = 0.5 pints (8fl oz); 1 litre = 35 fl oz