Scrippelle 'mbusse, crepes from Abruzzo

26 August 2010 Published in Abruzzo Recipes


Le Virtu at the James Beard House

This recipe for Abruzzese crêpes in broth comes from the Province of Teramo and serves 6.


10 eggs for making the "scrippelle", fried breaded artichoke slices, 3 pieces of scamorza cheese, 3 hard boiled eggs sliced into small pieces, butter, about 80 gr. of grated Parmesan cheese, salt and as much milk as you like.

making it

Lay the scrippelle out on a baking-pan (it can be greased) so that it is covered with the edges sticking out over the pan.

Lay out a layer of pasticcio with the sauce, artichokes, scamorza cut into cubes, a little butter, pieces of hard-boiled egg and a handful of Parmesan.

If you like you can also baste this with a mixture of beaten eggs, salt, Parmesan and milk.

Continue layering until you have used up the ingredients.

Fold the edges of the scrippelle sticking out form the baking-pan and cover the whole thing with two other scrippelle.

Pre-heat oven. Bake at moderate temperature for about 90 minutes.

Additional Info

  • Conversion Table: 1 lb (16oz) = 450 gr; 1/2 lb (8oz) = 225gr 1oz = 25gr; 1kg = 2lb 3oz; 500gr = 1lb 3oz; 250gr = 9oz; 100gr = 3.5oz; 1 teaspoon = 0.33 fl oz; 1 cup = 0.5 pints (8fl oz); 1 litre = 35 fl oz