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How to Become an Olive Oil Taster

17 January 2017 Published in Cibo
We've all done a spot of wine tasting in Italy, but what about olive oil tasting? I've enjoyed participating in Autumn tasting sessions in Monte Amiata and most recently Viterbo but was curious to find out more, as well as where the reputation of Italian extra virgin olive oil, or EVOO if you prefer, is heading. This led me to speak with Indra Galbo, a qualified expert, docente at Gambero Rosso and collaborator of both their prestigious…

Chef Luigi

02 June 2016 Published in Cibo
Chef Luigi is an Italian company and concept located in South of Italy, created by a group of food professionals with years of experience in their field. Their passion and aim is to offer Italian food lovers worldwide the opportunity to easily create traditional dishes in their own kitchen and experience the very essence of a typical Italian dish at home. Thanks to a partnership with great local food companies such as Così Com’è, Leonessa and…

Spreading the word about Umbrian flour

10 February 2016 Published in Cibo
If you take the train from Rome to Assisi you pass through through Trevi, the small medieval hilltop town perhaps more famous for its olive trees and olive oil. In fact, it is noted for being the DOP extra virgin olive oil capital of Umbria. But look carefully and you'll notice a mill in the flat valley. This is Molino sul Clitunno s.p.a., a family business with 30 years of history behind it and today leader in the…

10 False Myths about Pasta

30 October 2015 Published in Cibo
AIDEPI stands for the Associazione delle Industrie del Dolce e della Pasta Italiane and is the Rome based 'Association of the Italian Pastry and Pasta Industries'. To celebrate World Pasta Day & Congress during Expo2015, they produced a short press release debunking a series of commonly held myths about pasta. 

Introduction to Ancient Roman Food

09 October 2015 Published in Cibo
In the first centuries of the city of Rome, food was typically prepared at home, but already by the Republican era even a humble citizen could call upon slaves to take care of the preparation of daily meals if the family owned suitable kitchen premises. The alternative was purchase food which had alreay been prepared from the many public vendors. For the higher classes, banquets were the perfect opportunity for a house owner to demonstrate…

How Much of Italy is Eataly?

14 April 2015 Published in Cibo
This is a revisit to an article I wrote 3 years ago now about the opening of Eataly Roma. Since then Oscar Farinetti, Eataly supremo, has never been out of the news. He even came up in a discussion during last year's TTG in Rimini when an Italian journalist asked me what I thought of him. I remember saying, more or less, that all criticism towards him as an entrepreneur in Italy seemed a little…

Artisan Beer Makers in Italy

05 July 2012 Published in Cibo
This is the second part of a two part article all about the microbrewers and artisan beers to be found across the Italian regions. Here we focus on the beer makers themselves and what to eat with your favorite Italian beer. The newly opened Rome Eataly seemed the best place to take stock of the current artisan beer trend in Italy. The selection of beers came from all over Italy and there were a few…