There's a lot to experience in Campania, more than you can possibly imagine. You have to go to the Amalfi coast of course, but consult our travel articles below for more trip suggestions.

Campania Artecard

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'Campania>artecard' is the official Naples city pass offering an integrated ticket for a range of services and entrance discounts for visitors wishing to discover Naples, Pompei and other famous locations.

Promoted by the Regione Campania these include access to museums, free use of the public transport and many other opportunities which we highlight here.

The costs depends on the amount of sites and sights you want to see and we outline them below but the combinations are typically:


  • 3 days - Naples and Campi Flegrei with free admittance to 2 sites of choice & 50% off admission to all the others, free use of urban transport Naples + Campi Flegrei.
  • 3 days - all sites, free admittance to all sites, 50% off admission to all the others, free use of regional transport.
  • 7 days - all sites, transport not included and free admittance to all sites.


Last modified on 15 April 2012

The First Pizza

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Did anyone consider registering the name 'pizza' and patenting the technique back in 1889? Certainly not cook Esposito who first made the original and definitive version of mozzarella, tomato and basil at the Palazzo Reale di Capodimonte. The very first pizza in Italy and the world.

He he served his 'Margherita' to the queen of the same name. The day was the 15 June.

Although extremely good pizzas or 'pizze' can be found outside of Naples, you should keep this to yourself when you visit the city.

Last modified on 08 March 2012

Royal Palace Caserta

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During the summer of 2001 visitors to the provincial capital of Caserta may have been surprised to bump into George Lucas and assorted androids. How come?

Last modified on 02 March 2012

Buffalo Mozzarella Eating Record

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How many buffalo mozzarella cheese 'bocconcini' can you eat in three minutes? the mozzarella eating competition in Paestum

The record stands at twenty and was set in April 2008 at the first Buffalo Mozzarella Campania DOP Championships or 'Primo Campionato dei Mangiatori di Mozzarella di Bufala Campana Dop'.

The twenty succulent cheese samples weighed in at exactly one kilo and the world title went to a local man aged 40, now the undisputed pound for pound best mozzarella eater of his generation.

Last modified on 14 February 2012

National Park of Vesuvius

Published in Campania Itineraries

As you might guess, the park is a circular shape and surrounds the volcano. At the very center is the Crater of 1944 at a height of 95 meters above the glistening bay.

The flora of the Park is one half arid Mediterranean scrub with pine trees and 'leccio' or holm oak, and another half of humid woods normally associated with the Appennines.#mce_temp_url#

Last modified on 13 December 2011

Giungano near Paestum

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Giungano is a town of about 1200 inhabitants in the province of Salerno and located only 10km from both the archaeological site of Paestum and the coast of Agropoli.

What makes the town especially interesting is that it was founded around the year 1000 by the inhabitants of old Paestum.

Last modified on 13 December 2011

Food of Capri

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It was only while researching this short piece that it occurred to us that 'caprese', as in 'insalata caprese', actually refers to the island of Capri. It seems so obvious now! However, don't be fooled further that the root of the word 'capri' comes from 'goat'. We explain all here.

The traditional gastronomy of the island is based on fish and fresh vegetables all livened up with luscious olive oil. Although simple and tasty, the cuisine is a subtle combination of influences left over by the various rulers of the island, from the Greeks and Romans to the French and Spanish.

Last modified on 12 December 2011

Three Great Wines of Avellino

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There are three great DOCG wines from the province of Avellino:'Fiano', 'Taurasi' and 'Greco di Tufo'. The last of the three might be the most familiar but both the Fiano and the Taurasi are superb.

'Greco di Tufo' is the most ancient of the grape varieties and was originally imported to Italy by the Greeks from Thessalia and by the Pelasgi.

Last modified on 12 December 2011

Land of Truffles

Published in Campania Food

The Alta Valle del Sele, located in the province of Salerno, is a zone of lush plains, thick woods, rocky mountains and running streams. This means, above all, black truffles.

The locality of Colliano is known as the "Terra del Tartufo" due to the discovery of the "tartufo nero di Bagnoli" in a wood on Monte Marzano.

Last modified on 12 December 2011

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