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Three Great Wines of Avellino

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There are three great DOCG wines from the province of Avellino:'Fiano', 'Taurasi' and 'Greco di Tufo'. The last of the three might be the most familiar but both the Fiano and the Taurasi are superb.

'Greco di Tufo' is the most ancient of the grape varieties and was originally imported to Italy by the Greeks from Thessalia and by the Pelasgi.

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Land of Truffles

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The Alta Valle del Sele, located in the province of Salerno, is a zone of lush plains, thick woods, rocky mountains and running streams. This means, above all, black truffles.

The locality of Colliano is known as the "Terra del Tartufo" due to the discovery of the "tartufo nero di Bagnoli" in a wood on Monte Marzano.

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Wine Tourist Movement in Campania

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The Wine Tourist Movement was founded in 1993 and today has almost 1000 members amongst Italy's best wine estates and cantinas. The most important date of the year for the association is the 29th May when 'Cantine Aperte' is held.

Although most of the cantine can be visited throughout the year, this day is viewed as the annual birthday of the Movimento Turismo del Vino and a general celebration of wine growing in Italy.

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Chestnuts of Montella

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Montella in the Alta Valle del Calore in the province of Avellino is famous to most of us for one thing - chestnuts or 'castagne'.

They are so good that they have an official seal of approval ('Decreto Ministeriale 5 of December 1987) which recognised them as DOP and subsequently IGP in 1996.

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Best Wines of Benevento

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If you are looking to buy the best wines of Benevento province in Campania, then the must-have guide is called 'Guida completa ai vini del Sannio' by Luciano Pignataro e Pasquale Carlo. The book is subtitled '70 estates, 500 labels' and the the authors' choice or 'I vini del cuore' is listed below.

It is interesting to note that Benevento is the only province in Italy with a sort of natural wine route. Almost all of the cantine and estates of interest are located along the Fondovalle Telesina and easily reachable.

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Artisan Beer Festival

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The Salotto della Birra Artigianale or Italian Artisan Beer Festival is the first of its kind in southern Italy. The first event took place in January 2008 in 'La Fabbrica dei Sapori' located in Battipaglia and was the brainchild of journalist Luciano Pignataro.

There is growing interest in artisan beer production across the Italian regions and many small breweries are cropping up. For example, a guided beer tasting at the Salotto featured Chiostro 'Irish Red', 'Fortemalto Triple' by the Svevo Brewery and 'Fahrenheit' by Maltovivo.

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How to Make a Caprese salad

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The caprese salad is from Capri and Campania but actually this simple dish is made everywhere in Italy from the spring up to the end of summer. Simple, easy, fresh and deliciously Mediterranean, you can enjoy this Italian flag colored salad anytime. But especially if are with friends and family around a garden or terrace table during a lovely Italian summer's day.


Red tomatoes, mozzarella cheese (better if it's buffalo), leaves of fresh basil, salt, pepper and a bit of olive oil

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Boscoreale, Oplontis and Stabia

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Boscoreale, Oplontis and Stabia are the three impressive archaeological sites that you don't go to when you visit the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

They complete the big 5 in the zone and are part of an integrated visit when you purchase the Campania Artecard. A little on each.

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Minestra Maritata soup recipe

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This heavy soup is traditionally part of the Easter menu in Naples.

It was a classic peasant dish or 'piatto povero' and was brought over to Campania by the Spanish, the Aragonese to be precise.

This warming winter dish tastes best with vegetables in season and is also known as pignatto grasso.

Make sure the vegetables are boiled just enough to retain a certain crispness.

Last modified on 03 June 2011

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