There's a lot to experience in Campania, more than you can possibly imagine. You have to go to the Amalfi coast of course, but consult our travel articles below for more trip suggestions.

Minestra Maritata soup recipe

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This heavy soup is traditionally part of the Easter menu in Naples.

It was a classic peasant dish or 'piatto povero' and was brought over to Campania by the Spanish, the Aragonese to be precise.

This warming winter dish tastes best with vegetables in season and is also known as pignatto grasso.

Make sure the vegetables are boiled just enough to retain a certain crispness.

Last modified on 03 June 2011

History of Positano

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PositanoWho has not fallen in love with or in Positano? It's difficult not too, but you will not be the first or the last. There are suggestions that the first to people who decided the small fishing village of incredible Mediterranean charm were the original inhabitants of Paestum as they sought refuge from the Saracens.

Last modified on 21 March 2011

San Vito's cake

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San Vito's cake typical Amalfi coast lemon cake recipe

Last modified on 19 March 2011

Traditional Amalfi Coast Menu

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If this doesn't get your tastebuds watering, then we don't know what will. A menu we picked up from a restaurant in Positano. It forms part of a larger menu offering guests a taste of traditional dishes and desserts from the Amalfi Coast.

Last modified on 04 February 2011

Phlaegrean Fields

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Phlaegrean Fields near NaplesThe largest submerged archaeological zone in the world sits off the coast at Pozzuoli between Capo di Posillipo and Capo Miseno.

Unlike the volcanic ash and lava which destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum this Roman territory was sent to the grave by underground activity which literally removed the foundations.

Last modified on 03 February 2011


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Ischia is the largest of the Phlegrean islands lying in the Gulf of Naples. It has 44,000 inhabitants living in six communities, originally descendants of the oldest Greek colony in the western Mediterranean (VIII century BC).

Last modified on 03 February 2011

Guide to Capri

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Capri is one of three islands, along with Ischia and Procida, which stand as sentinels to the Bay of Naples.

It is reachable by ship or hydrofoil from either Sorrento, Napoli or Ischia, and on a calm summer day the water really does look like deep blue glass.

Last modified on 03 February 2011

Cava de Tirreni

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The town of Cava de' Tirreni is known as the green door to the Amalfi Coast. This is due to the surrounding wooded hills and slopes of the Lattari Mountains which provide a twisty route to its popular coastal neighbor.

Last modified on 03 February 2011


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According to tradition, Valva in the Campania's Alta Valle Del Sele, province of Salerno, was founded by the ancient 'Ursenti'. In the 9th century it became the chosen base of Orso, the Conte di Conza, following repeated Saracen raids in the area.

Last modified on 03 February 2011

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