Top 10 Strawberry Festivals in Italy

06 May 2012 Published in Cibo
Top 10 Strawberry Festivals in Italy

We did a bit of research and discovered that there less strawberry festivals in Italy than you might imagine. From our top ten below we couldn't really include any others. If you know of one we have missed, then drop a comment on our Facebook page. So, in no special order, here are the Italian strawberry festivals worth a visit.

1 Maletto, Catania, Sicily

'The best strawberries in Italy' can be found in Maletto on the edge of Mount Etna at 1000 meters above sea level. The highlight of the annual June event are the huge strawberry tarts paraded then shared amongst the crowd.

2 Terricciola, Pisa, Tuscany

Celebrating and keeping alive the ancient rural traditions of strawberries and wine of Terricciola.

3 Manciano, Grosseto, Tuscany

Held in May in the small locality of Marsiliana near Manciano, province of Grosseto.

4 Scorzè, Venice, Veneto

Asparagus and strawberries combine in Veneto in this Spring food festival in mid May.

5 Santo Stefano, Ravenna, Emilia Romagna

Strawberries feature, but this is a mid June gastronomic celebration for the whole town.

6 San Biagio della Valle, Perugia, Umbria

Perhaps the longest strawberry fair in Italy; almost 2 weeks from May into the first days of June. Look out for the Cherry Event in nearby San Valentino della Collina in mid May.

7 Cassibile, Siracusa, Sicily

4 days and 4000 pieces of strawberry pie between Avola and Siracusa in Sicily. As far south as it is possible to be in Italy, just about.

8 Policoro, Matera, Basilicata

Two days in mid May dedicated to the locally cultivated strawberries along the Lucanian coast, or Metapontino. Interestingly, the strain of strawberry cultivated is called the Candonga and was introduced only in 2003 after experimentation in Spain. Policoro is known locally as 'Strawberry City' and is an important element of the local economy.

9 Locality Acconia, Catanzaro, Calabria

This event is orientated towards the actual use of strawberries in such delights as ice cream, granite, jams, frappé, dolci and macedonia trifle.

00 Nemi, Roman Hills, Rome

How can you forget Nemi, the most famous strawberry festival in Italy!

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