Frico mashed potato cheese recipe

FricoThis dish is called 'frico'. It is a sort of mashed potato with cheese and no doubt perfect for the cold days in Italy's wettest region.


300g of cows milk cheese, 100-150g of very mature cheese, 150g of potatoes, olive oil.

making it

Put a small amount of oil in a frying pan then cover the bottom of the pan with slices of the cows cheese.

Sprinkle the two ingredients with roughly cut mature cheese. Add a level of potatoes after they have been boiled and made into a mash.

Sprinkle on the remaining mature cheese before adding the final slices of cows milk cheese.

Place the frying pan on a high heat.

Cook like an omelette until the ingedients turn a golden color.

With a bit of luck the cheese and potato mix, the 'frico', will expand like a big 'krapfen'.

Before serving make sure all the oil has been poured away.

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