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Art  and Cooking School, Dante Alighieri Siena Art and Cooking School, Dante Alighieri Siena


Evening cooking lesson at Dante Alighieri Siena

The cooking classes of Dante Alighieri Siena can be taken on their own or as part of a study programme which combines language and/or cultural lessons. Evening cooking sessions are also available which are group demonstrations taking place twice a week from 17.30 to about 21.30. They can also be enjoyed by tourists or visitors to Siena. 

All are held in Italian and English, but also German, French, Japanese and Chinese at no additional charge and on request. But first the main hands-on courses offered by Art and Cooking.

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A'la carte

Individual or private group cooking lessons taught by professional chefs and tailored to special interests and needs. You can choose the menu you would like to try and learn the secrets of authentic Italian cooking. Suitable for tour agencies and study abroad tourist groups interested in including culinary session in a wider program.

Culinary Lesson

A single cooking lesson for anyone coming to Siena and seeking an unforgettable gastronomic experience. They are run from Mondays to Thursdays and dishes prepared are based on what is in season. All participants eat what they have prepared together and food and wine are included.

Intensive Culinary Course

These course are designed to demonstrate the art of preparing gourmet dishes at a professional level. It also includes seasonal visits to local culinary places of interest. Ideal for independent travellers. 



Again, a course for anyone wanting to fully involved Italian cooking at a professional level, particularly with the use of Italian and Italian terms used by top chefs and the world of real Italian cuisine. Internships can be arranged in local trattoria to 5 star hotel restaurants.


A cooking week for all ages and nationalities who wish to get close up while enjoying a vacation in Siena. Learn how to select and use basic Italian ingredients such as olive oil and herbs. Includes daily guidance from the chef while making a complete four course menu.

Language and Wine

Siena will come alive for participants of this special course and includes three hours of group Italian language tuition in the morning with two evening culinary sessions and one wine tasting. Full immersion. 


Siena Magnifica

If your idea of a vacation is not visiting 30 countries in 20 days, then this is for you. Get to know the people, culture, language and food of one of the worlds most magnificent cities. Need we say more?

Dante Alighieri Siena

For over 20 years our Italian language school has been the main establishment of the distinguished Dante Alighieri Society which is recognized as one of the leading language school and promoters of Italian language school and Italian culture school worldwide. Enjoy your passion, study Italian!


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