So Cook Rome Cooking School

30 January 2017 Published in Cooking Holidays
So Cook! cooking school and bistrot in Rome So Cook! cooking school and bistrot in Rome

so cook! culinary school in Rome is owned and run by Sabina Fiorentini who is both a qualified personal chef and caterer, as well as being a teacher of Italian to foreigners. Now her primary activity, her cooking school is a professional set up located on street level where participants can also relax and enjoy their creations in together. 

so cook! offers one day cooking and thematic Italian cooking classes by professional chefs and aimed to small groups of people or individuals

so cook cooking stations 

The lessons proposed by so cook! range from classic Roman cuisine to more creative and innovative classes as well as thematic lessons throughout the seasons. A maximum of 12 people can take the lessons at any one time each with a individual work station to guarantee a hands-on cooking experience in a state-of-the-art kitchen. The seated bistrot area next door can host up to 30 people which make so cook! also suitable for private occasions, team building events etc. Individual lessons and wine tasting classes are also welcomed on request.

Italian Cooking Classes

external view of so cook cooking school in Rome

Lessons are held in the morning, afternoon and evening and you can choose from a variety of themes such as home-made pasta, regional recipes and desserts. A typical class lasts from 3 to 5 hours depending on the subject matter and all feature ingredients in season.

Morning lessons begin with a tour of the nearby market or 'mercato rionale' of Largo SpartaCo, acknowledged as one of the most authentic in Rome. You will learn how to recognise high quality ingredients and get to grips with basic Italian cooking techniques to understand how ingredients combine.

Once the lesson is over you will enjoy your dishes together and with a tasting of selected Italian wines. During the hotter months, instead of eating indoors, a picnic can be organised in the nearby park of the Caffarella. The park links to the Appian Way and is one of Rome's untouched and protected green areas.

Lesson fees vary according to the type of lesson, time and day of the week. Request a special rates for groups above 12 people.