This region is Emilia and Romagna. In short, Emilia means ham, cheese and Ferrari; Romagna means Sangiovese, the Adriatic Coast and cycling. Many more reasons to go below.

Park of the River Po Delta nature itineraries

Fishing in the River Po DeltaThe folks of the Parco del Delta del Po Emilia Romagna often organize free tours or itineraries “a filo d’acqua” to help visitors appreciate the eternal struggle between nature and man in this little visited part of north east Italy.

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Cycle Route Along the River Po

This route is 37km long and has been forwarded to us by the Alla Cedrara Agriturismo in Porotto in the province of Ferrara. Departure point is the Rocca di Stellata and the hamlet of Stellata.

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River Po Delta Visitor Centres

River Po DeltaThere are four main visitor centres within the Park of the River Po Delta in Emilia Romagna. Each has its own special history

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River Po Delta Natural Park

The Parco del Delta del Po or River Po Delta Park offers a fantastic unspoilt and protected natural environment in an area stretching from Ferrara inland to Ravenna nearer the coast.

To help the visitor discover more a series of excursions, itineraries and walks have been designed to open up this vast tract of natural wetlands, the largest in Italy.

Do go bird watching and do taste the local cuisine; flamingoes and eels respectively.

Sweetly, both are the local mascots of the Comacchio Tourism Board. See Camilla and Pioma above.

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The Versatile Piadina

What is a Piadina

This simple unleavened bread of flour, salt and water has always been part of the basic diet of those living near the Mediterranean Sea. It may be flat, but is beautifully soft and slightly crispy at the same time. 

Every town in Romagna has its own slightly different variation with names such as 'Pida', 'Piada' or 'Pie'. The difference is usually in the thickness of the bread due to extra yeast, milk or even honey, but all are typically cooked on clay baking dish or iron plate. A piadina is delicious with salami, grilled meats, cheese and fruits and jams. A very popular recipe of recent times is piadina with Nutella.

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The Romagnoli of the Adriatic coast practically invented mass tourism in Italy and their famous hospitality, not forgetting the mythical piadina and Sangiovese wine, makes everybody welcome. 

It was in 1843 that the first public bathing area was created and fifty years after that the two big hotels, the Kursaal and the Grand Hotel were opened. Yet it was in the 1960's and 1970's that saw boom times for the town and established it as the mecca of sun, sea, and summer beach dancing. 

What impresses is the organization of the beach front and the range of activities lined up for the visitor. Each section of beach is numbered and every year seems to offer something new from the year before. Rather than signing up for one for the whole length of a stay, we recommend you pick and mix. One day choose the step aerobics, weights room and 5-side football pitches at number 86; the next the bubbling saunas, WiFi points and yoga sessions a little further along at number 55.

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May Food Festivals near Ravenna

Our choice of four of the best annual May food festivals near Ravenna, no doubt all washed down with the fabulous local Sangiovese Superiore wine. Have a sleep before driving back to your accommodation!

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Tortellini Pasta from Bologna

The 'Camera di Commercio, Industria, Artigianato e Agricoltura di Bologna' has produced a small paperback called 'La Mercanzia' which outlines the history and background to tortellini pasta from Bologna and tagliatelle pasta. It is without doubt the definitive source for anyone seeking information about Emilia Romagna's classic pasta.

It is at the above Chamber of Commerce where the official recipes for 'tortellini di Bologna' and 'ragu Bolognese' have been deposited for posterity, as well as the correct measurements for real tagliatella pasta from Bologna or 'tagliatella di Bologna'. There is even a sample tagliatella in a locked box used to settle arguments.

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Bolognese Ragu recipe

Published in Emilia Romagna Recipes

Spaghetti bolognese, spag bol, spaghetti with meatballs, whatever you want to call it and however you make it, the sauce should be as delicious as this. This is the official recipe deposited at the Bologna Chamber of Commerce and if you would like to see how it is made then view the video below.


300 gr. of minced loin of pork, 300gr. di minced beef, 100 gr. minced bacon, 100 gr. minced ham, 1 onion, 1 carrot, 1 celery, glass of red wine, tomato sauce, vegetable, salt

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