Voghiera Garlic Festival

02 September 2010 Published in Emilia Romagna Food and Wine

Voghiera is in the province of Ferrara and every August holds its garlic festival when the year's crop is harvested. Biu what makes the garlic of Voghiera so special?

The experts tell us it's a combination of whiteness, large cloves and that it lasts a long time before going mouldy.


The sagra is held at the sumptuous "delizia" of Belriguardo, an old 15th century house known as the "Versailles degli Estensi".

The garlic produced in Voghiera counts for less than 1% of the national production, but quality counts more than quantity.

The presentation of the garlic at the sagra becomes a work of art as designs such as huge bouquets show off the bulbs at their best.

In the l'Aglioteca restaurant visitors can sample dishes based on garlic and there will be a prize for the best poetry dedicated to garlic, an 'ode to aglio' if you like.

The two days of the festival also sees free entrance to the Archaeological Museum of Belriguardo, the 'Museo del Modellismo' and the ruins of nearby Voghenza (so called 'Fondo Tesoro' a Bizantine archaeological area.

Garlic in Latin is allium sativum, hence aglio in Italian but the word 'aglio' itself comes from the Celtic meaning "all" (hot or burning).

Regionalists might also like to know that in Ferrarese vernacular its called 'ai d'Ughiera' while 'ayyooo!' is the term in broad Roman dialect.