Maiale al Latte

25 August 2010 Published in Emilia Romagna Recipes

I do not know if you are able to help me. I have searched many avenues without success. My husband has many fond memories of his mother's cooking. One particular recipe he is yearning for is ciccioli bread that she used to make. It had rendered pork in the batter. I would very much like to create this bread. Perhaps you can help me. Thank You. R.P.

Below is another pork influenced recipe from Emilia Romagna. Translated it means milk pigs!


800gr minced pork, 100gr raw lean ham, 2 twigs of rosemary, clove garlic, cinnamon, liter milk, 50gr butter, 2 spoons flour, 50g olive oil, salt, pepper.

making it

Add the chopped up ham to the minced meat and form the meat mixture into a single lump or piece. Fry in the olive oil along with the salt, pepper, rosemary and chopped garlic.

Cook slowly and well then add the milk and cinnamon. Continue the cooking process by placing the mixture in a hot oven. Do not cover.

Leave inside for around 90 mins turning the meat often. When the meat is cooked well, separate from the liquid.

Prepare a flour/butter mixture and add it to the liquid which is now cooking on a hot ring. Cook the lot for 15 mins stirring with a wooden spoon.

When the sauce is thick pour over the meat which should be cut into slices. Serve with a Sangiovese wine from Romagna.