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This food or gastronomic tour of the centuries old historic port of Genoa is clearly focused on finding local snacks and classic Genovese dishes. Created by Tasting Tours it is a fascinating journey which you may not have thought of doing on your own.

Start the tour from the old port and walk up to Sottoripa, market-street dating back to the XII century which stretches under the old arcades. Here, you’ll still find the old “friggitorie” serving fritters such as "friscieu” (fried croquettes), "panissa" and “farinata” (made with chick pea flour); "tripperie", offering tripe cooked in huge open copper pots; bakeries displaying "focaccia" and the Genoese "pandolce", a typical cake with raisins, candied fruits and pine seeds.

After a brief stop in Piazza Caricamento to admire Palazzo San Giorgio (outside), walk along the narrow “carruggi” up to Piazza Soziglia where we will visit the popular Klanguti café, where Giuseppe Verdi used to go and enjoy the so-called Falstaff brioches, and the Romanengo candy shop, known for its hand-made products, i.e. crystallized violets, marron glacés, jellies, etc.

We continue along Via dei Macelli di Soziglia, old district of the Guild of Butchers where we can still visit some old butcher’s, poultry shops, etc. We’ll finally end in via Garibaldi with its beautiful Renaissance buildings.

Next stop is Piazza De Ferrari, Palazzo Ducale (outside), Porta Soprana and finally Columbus’ House followed by a visit to the Viganotti laboratory (chocolate factory). Let’s take Via di San Bernardo and reach the early XX century grocery Torrielli, then turn into Canneto il Curto and visit a pickels laboratory. Our last visit will be an art deco barber’s, then walk back to Piazza San Lorenzo to visit the Cathedral.

If you feel like walking a bit farther, we can visit the Mercato Orientale (“Eastern Market”), a covered market built in 1899 on the site of an older convent cloister. There are dozens of fruit and vegetable stalls, as well as stalls offering all kinds of foodstuff, and also household goods and other items.

We’ll finally visit the renowned confectioner’s Panarello and taste their delicious products (aniseed biscuits, croissants, the typical lagaccio, etc.). 

Genoa City Tour - 3 hours

Tour on foot starting from the Expò area with remarkable constructions designed by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano, then enter the pulsing heart of the old city through the famous “carruggi” (narrow alleyways): from Porta Soprana (XII century entrance gate to the town) reach Columbus' House, Palazzo Ducale (once the house of the Doge, the Governor of the Genovese Republic), and St. Jesus Church – jewel of baroque architecture - where it is possible to admire paintings by Rubens, Guido Reni, and Simon Vouet.

Continue to the Carlo Felice opera house, and reach one of the most beautiful and ancient roads in Italy, Via Garibaldi, with the 3 palaces declared world heritage by UNESCO: Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Tursi where Paganini’s violin is preserved. Finally, do not miss a visit to the Royal Palace, built in the XVII century.


Buongiorno from Asti, I am Silvia of Tasting Tours and I invite you to join me to discover the wines and gastronomy of my region, Piemonte. Truffles, cheeses, we have it all!


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