Wine Route of Terrano

06 September 2010 Published in Friuli Venezia Giulia Itineraries

Autoctonous Grapes of Carso TriestinoIn 1986 the Trieste authorities decided to enhance the image of the local wine by developing a wine route comprising 18 restaurants serving the 'Terrano del Carso' and typical local dishes.

The 'Strada del Vino Terrano' was proposed and now links Visogliano in the west to Opicina in the East part of the comune di Duino Aurisina.

The route is clearly signposted and wends its way along the Karst plateau between the sea and the Slovenian border to the north.

The earth is a notable red color in this part of north Italy which, together with the moderate and sunny climate gives the wine its own, distinctive flavour. It also has a low alcohol level.

Although we dont suggest drinking and driving, you will find the wine has beneficial effects on your digestive system. The route is also called 'Vinska Pot Terana' in Slovenian.