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Giro d'Italia 2011, Stage 11

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GIRO D'ITALIA STAGE 11 - Wed 18/05/2011
Tortoreto Lido - Castelfidardo 142 KM
Medium Mountain WINNER GADRET John FRA


Stage Eleven runs through S. Egidia alla Vibrata, Morrovalle, Recanati and Loreto. Take a look at our selection of articles below which feature some of the places this particular stage of the Giro d'Italia 2011 passes through.

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We have written all you need to know about baccalà, stoccafisso and dried salted cod in our Veneto section, but baccalà is eaten across Italy, not least Abruzzo where there is an annual gastronomic event celebrating the cod fish. In Sant'Omero, province of Teramo, the fish is celebrated every 3rd…
The Scuola Dante Alighieri Camerino is located in the beautiful city of Camerino in the province of Macerata, Le Marche. It is a wonderful tranquil base to enjoy a full immersion in the language and culture of Italy having been a University town 1336. Just 70 km from the Adriatic…
Le Vie del Romanico nelle Marche' is a presentation of more than 130 late medieval churches, cathedrals, abbeys, priories and monasteries dotted across the Marche region. Produced by the by Regione Marche as part of the 'Marche Museo Diffuso' project, the booklet and accompanying map are the defintive guide for…
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