Savelli Mosaic Gallery and Art School, Rome

Hunting Scene mosaic from the Savelli Collection Hunting Scene mosaic from the Savelli Collection

The Savelli Mosaics Gallery boasts one of Rome's most prestigious collections of miniature mosaics from the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Here you can visit part of the private collection of Lorenzo Savelli, the greatest living collector of Roman micro-mosaics.

Indeed, it is unique and a number of the precious mosaics are loaned to the Vatican Museum by the same Savelli family.

This splendid collection also has the merit of preserving the cultural patrimony of the city of Rome.

The collection shown here belongs to the Savelli family and therefore is not for sale.


The talented masters and specialized craftsmen of Savelli design, create and restore mosaics using traditional techniques and you will have the opportunity to see them at work.

The pieces they create are on sale and you can also commission personalized mosaics.

It is also possible to take a course of mosaic making learning some of the secrets and centuries old techniques.

If you would like to receive information on or an estimate for a personalized mosaic, please contact Savelli Arte e Tradizione directly.

Invented over 4,500 years ago in ancient Greece, the mosaic technique was adopted by the Romans, who then spread it throughout their empire.

It is an ancient art form which still uses the same basic techniques employed by the ancient masters of the Roman and Byzantine ages.

Read on for a history of mosaic tradition in Rome and the Vatican.


Pantheon Mosaic from the Savelli Collection

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