Lombrichi pasta recipe form Lazio cuisine

Literally translated 'lombrichi' means earthworms. Any why not. This homemade pasta was so popular with the Cardinal de Gambara that he would serve it every time to his guests.



flour, water, sausages, smoked pancetta or bacon, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, butter, black pepper, salt, cream

making it

Firstly, make a pasta from flour and water and work the mixture until you have short spaghetti, or 'earthworms'. Let the pasta dry naturally.

Take three sausages, 60gr pancetta and brown the lot in a pan of olive oil and butter.

Sprinkle with a very generous level of black pepper and salt to taste.

Boil a large pan of salty water and throw in the pasta and cook for three to four minutes.

Once done, drain and throw the pasta into the sausage and pancetta.

Perhaps at this stage add a couple of spoons of cream.

The dish is then ready.

So delicious, you'll forget the extra calories.

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