Guide to Le Marche

Guide to Le Marche (64)

Our recommendations if you are planning a vacation or visit the region of Le Marche.

  • Dream Academy, Italy Wedding Planners

    Dream Academy is a British / Italian company based in Gradara, Le Marche who specializes in unique weddings and exclusive tailor made events in central and north Italy.

    Follow the links on the right column of this page to view all locations where the company operates; they extend to Adriatic Coast ...

  • Restaurant Dal Mago, Morro d'Alba, Le Marche

    The Restaurant Dal Mago in the historical centre of Morro d'Alba in Le Marche has been run for over a century by the Romiti family, who also run the Shanti House Villa less than a kilometer away.

    The restaurant is situated in front of the medieval walls and specialize in dishes from local March...

  • Shanti House, Morro d'Alba, Le Marche

    Shanti House is a country villa located near the wonderful village of Morro d'Alba in the province of Ancona in Le Marche.

    It is owned by the Romiti family who have run the Restaurant Dal Mago in the centre of Morro D'Alba for over five generations.

    Open to guests since 2004 Shanti House offer...

  • Le Marche Holiday Apartments and Villas

    Le Marche Holiday provides a range of services for anyone seeking to build an independent visit to this beautiful region in central Italy.

    We can arrange truffle tours, cooking classes, even balloon flights and hiking excursions.

    This 'a la carte' menu can also include fine accommodation in villas...

  • Hotel Leone Restaurant, Montelparo, Le Marche

    The restaurant of Hotel Leone in Montelparo, Le Marche, serves dishes which are based on locally sourced and seasonal organic produce.

    Diners are accommodated either indoors beneath the original hall with its 15th century brick vaulted ceiling pictured above or, during the hotter months of the ...

  • Hotel Leone, Montelparo, Le Marche

    Hotel Restaurant Leone opened its doors in Easter 2012 following the restoration of this original 15th century building situated in the historical center of Montelparo, Le Marche.

    Using locally sourced materials and with an eye to eco-friendliness, such as the use of rainwater and solar panels, t...

  • Photography and Nature Vacation in the Sibillini Mountains

    This vacation proposal by Le Marche Holiday aims to improve your photographic skills in the company of a professional photographer as well as enjoying and exploring the majestic Sibillini Mountain National Park.

    As well as Mount Sibilla this 5 day breaks will also take you to the famous high plain ...

  • Wine Tasting in Le Marche

    This day tour in the wine zone of Ascoli Piceno in Le Marche is proposed by Le Marche Holiday.

    It includes a visit to a medieval village, the cellars of a winery and the tasting of wines made from local grape varieties, not least Passerina, Pecorino and the famous Rosso Piceno Superiore wine.


  • Il Piccione Viaggiatore Country House, Senigallia

    Il Piccione Viaggiatore is a cozy and romantic country house accommodation a few kilometers inland from Senigallia along the Adriatic Coast near Ancona in Le Marche.

    Although officially classed as a bed and breakfast, it offers independent rental apartment accommodation on the upper floor and is id...

  • Cooking Classes in Le Marche

    The traditional Le Marche cooking classes are designed for small groups and families.

    The cooking lessons or courses are led by a local chef who will immerse you in a world of typically Italian flavours, but specific to the region.

    The overall aim is to demonstrate to all participants how to embra...

  • Le Marche Holiday Active Vacations

    The following active vacation proposals can be arranged through local travel planner Moreno Moretti who runs Le Marche Holiday near Ascoli Piceno.

    Although specializing in gourmet tours and wine and cooking holidays, Le Marche Holiday has added the following elements to his portfolio or proposals f...

  • Azienda Mastrocola, Loro Piceno

    Azienda Mastrocola is a country estate in the province of Macerata, Le Marche, offering holiday accomodation in 7 apartments not far from Loro Piceno.

    They are all named after wines you would certainly like to try once you got there. Folow the links below to find out more about each:

    • Verdicchio ...

  • Azienda Cerqueto, San Ginesio

    Azienda Cerqueto is located 5km from the medieval town of San Ginesio in the province of Macerta, Le Marche.

    It is made up of 3 separate, roomy holiday home apartments called Casa Capanna, Prima Luce and Intermezzo.

    Each are very different but all have the facilities expected to make them great ba...

  • Month Study Holiday in Le Marche

    This wonderful 4 week Italy Study Package is offered by Scuola Italiano Dante Alighieri in Camerino, Le Marche.

    It is a typical month proposal to give you an idea of the scope and content of a full language and cultural course.

    Do check out the dedicated website for more information about the scho...

  • Truffle Hunting and Cooking Breaks in Le Marche

    This short vacation break in Le Marche features truffle hunting, a cooking lesson based on truffles, wine tasting and guided excursions.

    The package has been put together by Le Marche Holiday based near Ascoli Piceno and is spread over 4 days and 3 nights..

    It is an ideal weekend break where you w...

  • Le Marche Holiday Food and Cultural Tours

    Le Marche Holiday is run by Moreno Moretti, a rural development graduate based in the province of Ascoli Piceno.

    With a family background in farming rare local produce, Moreno has tremendous connections with wine makers, truffle hunters, local artisans and country accommodation owners across the Ma...

  • Scuola Dante Alighieri Camerino

    The Scuola Dante Alighieri Camerino is located in the beautiful city of Camerino in the province of Macerata, Le Marche.

    It is a wonderful tranquil base to enjoy a full immersion in the language and culture of Italy having been a University town 1336.

    Just 70 km from the Adriatic Sea and close to ...


A tour of the region of Le Marche should include the towns and cities of Ancona & the Monte Conero, Pesaro, Urbino, Ascoli Piceno, Loreto, Macerata, San Leo and Acqualagna.

We advise reading as much as possible before making a visit, as the region is full of unexpected treasures and history.

The region is criss-crossed with ancient and medieval paths, bridges and even tunnels which took pilgrims and commercial travellers to all points north, west and south.

Consult our latest or last updated Le Marche travel articles below, or access them from the links right divided by recipes, food, wine, itineraries, tours and trip suggestions. Our Le Marche blog of choice is this one.

Maccheroni pasta from Campofilone

Published in Le Marche Food
If you travel the Via Salaria from Rome all the way to the coast of Le Marche, it is worth stopping off at small towns along the way and seeing what the local delicatessen shops have on offer.
Last modified on 12 June 2011


Published in Le Marche Itineraries
Portonovo lies on one side of the majestic 576m high Monte Conero, the huge headland spur which juts into the Adriatic coast in Le Marche as if it had arrived there by mistake. There seems to be no good reason for its existence when you consider the rest of the flat coast from north to south.
Last modified on 10 June 2011

Brodetto Soup Week

Published in Le Marche Food
Drive along the Marche coast from Abruzzo and you eventually hit the small seaside resort of Porto Recanati just as Monte Conero looms into view in the distance. Perhaps the first thing you'll notice is a huge skyscraper of a hotel dominating the sea front of what was once a tiny Adriatic fishing village.
Last modified on 09 June 2011


Published in Le Marche Itineraries
The stretch of coast between the rivers Tronto and Aso, in the province of Ascoli, is known as Grottammare. Not as spectacular or as scenic as the Riviera del Conero further up the coast but ideal for sun worshippers who want uninterrupted sea and sand.
Last modified on 09 June 2011

Roman Urbs Salvia

Published in Le Marche Itineraries
Don't get confused between Urbs Salvia and Urbisaglia. URBS SALVIA was the city of the V Regio Augustea (Picenum) Roman colony and was located at the meeting point of two important ancient roads which linked present day Fermo, San Severino Marche, Macerata and Ascoli Piceno.
Last modified on 03 June 2011

Fried food festival in Ascoli Piceno

Published in Le Marche Food
Ascoli Piceno is, of course, famous its fried olives or 'oliva all’ascolana DOP'. Fried olives from AscoliEvery spring the city is transformed, suitably enough, into the capital of mixed fries 'or 'fritto misto'.
Last modified on 22 March 2011