Brodetto Soup Week

Drive along the Marche coast from Abruzzo and you eventually hit the small seaside resort of Porto Recanati just as Monte Conero looms into view in the distance. Perhaps the first thing you'll notice is a huge skyscraper of a hotel dominating the sea front of what was once a tiny Adriatic fishing village.

Just as you ask yourself how it got planning permission look carefully and you'll notice at the top of the building in huge letters 'King of Brodetto'.

It is here that perhaps Le Marche's best fish soup is made and every June Porto Recanati holds its 'Settimana del Brodetto' or 'Brodetto Week.

Coming up for 10 editions the initiative involves around 14 of the town's restaurants and trattorie. Each serves up its own version along with a typical local meal.

The best brodetto in town? Well, when you get there ask for 'L'Uomo del Brodetto'.

Brodetto has ancient origins and comes from the tradition of making use of seafood which did not make it the local market or remained unsold. This was perhaps due to the low quality of the fish or their small size.

With time, brodetto has evolved into a more refined dish and Le Marche now claims it as its own.

Also look out for a similar event in September in Fano known as the Festival Internazionale del Brodetto e delle Zuppe di Pesce. Festival Internazionale del brodetto, Fano, PU www.festivalbrodetto.it

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