Guide to Umbria

Guide to Umbria (86)

Our recommendations if you are planning a vacation or visit to the cities of Perugia, Todi, Torgiano, Assisi and the rest of Umbria.

  • Fiorfiore Restaurant, Todi
    Restaurant Fiorfiore is the dining proposal of Residenza Roccafiore and offers the best of Umbrian cuisine in an elegant modern atmosphere. The dishes are made exclusively with ingredients cultivated either in the Roccfiore estate such as wine olive oil and vegetables, or classic Umbrian products f...
  • Le Ginestre di Greppolischieto Rental Cottage, Umbria
    Le Ginestre di Greppolischieto is a characteristic and quiet rural borgo accommodation deep in the heart of Umbrian countryside near Piegaro village between the Monte Giove hills and Lake Trasimeno. The holiday rental cottage is especially suited for whoever wishes a relaxing country stay from fami...
  • Agriturismo I Mori Gelsi, Torgiano, Umbria
    Agriturismo I Mori Gelsi is charming farmhouse accomodation located in the green heart of Umbria, less than a mile from Torgiano one of the “Borghi Più Bella d'Italia'. It is situated amidst the vines of the estate of Azienda Vinicola Fattoria Spinola, which produces Grechetto, Merlot, Sauvignon Bl...
  • Residenza Roccafiore Packages
    A TASTE OF UMBRIA Stay 4 nights and enjoy the 5th night free of charge at Residenza Roccafiore. Package includes: • Accommodation for 2 people in classic room • Breakfast for 2 people • Visit of vineyards and winery accompanied by a selection of local specialities • Dinner for 2 at our restaur...
  • La Corte del Lupo Agriturismo, Nocera Umbra
    La Corte del Lupo is refined agriturismo accommodation near Assisi in the heart of the Umbria countryside. More precisely, in the locality of Pertana near Nocera Umbra and the wonderfully green Monte Subasio Park. The location is stunningly peaceful as you may be able to appreciate from the image g...
  • Happy Cooking, Umbria Tours
    Below is a selection of food and tour proposals developed by Daniel Paci of  Happy Cooking who specializes in central Italian cuisine and traditional home cooking from Umbria. The visits and activities are organized by Daniela, a licensed tour guide, and you can customise your cooking days with som...
  • Daniela Paci, Umbria Tour Guide
    Daniela Paci is the owner of Happy Cooking and has been running Umbria cooking classes and courses throughout the region for a decade. But she is also a licensed tour guide, tour manager and travel agency director and fluent in English and Spanish Following a masters degree in Tourism Management h...
  • Happy Cooking, Umbria Cooking Classes
    If you want to experience the local gastronomy and cuisine of Umbria during your vacation or holiday in the region then get in touch with Daniela Paci who runs Happy Cooking. Speaking fluent English, Daniela is a true Umbrian who has a special interest in the Etruscan origins of much of Umbria's di...
  • Happy Cooking Umbria, Autumn Food Breaks
    A visit to Umbria in the autumn season is a wonderful short break experience. Not only will you have the main towns to yourself, but the countryside takes on an even more suggestive appearence bathed in gorgeous Autumn colours and limpid sunshine. But, above all, the food comes into its own as the...
  • Umbria Wine Roads Tour and Seasonal Packages
    CHRISTMAS 2013 IN UMBRIA This festive tour by Happy Cooking is for a maximum of 8 people and costs €250,00 per person. It takes in some of Umbria's most enchanting locations as well as Assisi on New Year's Day.   29/12 Half Day Perugia walking tour. The capital of Baci Perugina, a good chance...
  • Umbria Day Trips
    Daniela Paci of Happy Cooking and official Umbria Tour guide is proposing the following food and territory inspired seasonal day trips alongside her regular cooking lessons and culinary classes throughout 2013.   FOOD FESTIVALS AND GUIDED TOURS A series of walking tours to concide with food and o...
  • L'Antico Forziere Restaurant, Deruta
    For Umbria food fans, the restaurant of the Country House L'Antico Forziere near Deruta is located in a strategic position for exploring Perugia and its chocolate festival, Torgiano and Lungarotti estate, wine and olive oil museum, as well as Montefalco and its famous Sagrantino wine. Chefs Stef...
  • Il Baio Restaurant, Spoleto
    The Umbrian restaurant of Il Baio Relais & Natural Spa near Spoleto is located through from the main reception in the main building of the structure owned by the Ceccaroni family. The original owner's house has been renovated with attention to every detail and this includes the impressive a...
  • The Charming Villa Nuba Perugia Rental Apartments
    Villa Nuba is charming rental accommodation in Perugia for long or short term stays in Umbria. It offers self catering apartment rental in two large and separate apartments only a 20 minute walk from the centre of the city via the ancient quarter of Monteluce. Villa Nuba dates back to the 1400...
  • L'Antico Forziere Country House, Deruta
    L'Antico Forziere near Deruta is a country house and restaurant converted from a medieval farmhouse. It is everything you would want from rural accommodation in Umbria with its sturdy wooden beams, large fireplaces, wide stony arches and rich, green garden and has appeared in Italy's finest H...
  • Il Baio Relais Resort and Spa, Spoleto
    ll Baio Relais Resort and Natural Spa is a new hotel vacation proposal in Umbria which combines good food with relaxation and staying healthy. Il Baio offers, therefore, a combination of relais vacation accommodation, on site restaurant, fully equipped health spa, as well as a business and ...
  • Roccafiore Spa Resort, Todi
    Roccafiore Resort is located just 2 kilomenters from Todi in central Umbria and is set amidst vineyards and olive groves of the Monti Martani. The 360° panoramic view of the countryside, clean air and peaceful ambience make Roccafiore an ideal place for total relaxation, not only for exploring the ...


Umbria hosts the cities and towns of Perugia, Terni, Orvieto, Assisi, Gubbio, Norcia, Todi and Spello, as well as Lake Trasimeno. Do make an effort to explore Monte Subasio near Assisi.

The region is often referred to as the 'green heart of Italy' and, in fact, the geographical centre of the country is Narni in the province of Terni.

Perhaps the best way to visit is to go when one of the many annual gastronomic appointments are taking place, from truffles to mushrooms, wine and, of course, chocolate.

Consult our latest or recently updated Umbria travel articles below, or access them all from the links in the right column divided by recipes, food, wine, itineraries, tours and trip suggestions

  • Saint Valentine's Day pigeon recipe

    Published in Umbria Recipes
    This recipe forms part of a 'Saint Valentine's Day' meal kindly provided by the The Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Perugia.   ingredients 2 pigeons, perfectly cleaned, 1 clove garlic, 1/2 onion, 4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 2 fresh sage leaves, 2 sprigs rosemary, 1/2 glass white wine vinegar, 1 glass white wine, Rind of 1/2 a lemon, 100 gr chicken livers, 2 tspn capers, Salt, pepper.
    Last modified on 06 February 2013

Saint Valentine's Day ricotta recipe

Published in Umbria Recipes
This recipe forms part of a 'Saint Valentine's Day' meal kindly provided by the The Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Perugia.   ingredients 2 eggs, 100 gr flour, 100 gr sugar, 1/4 tsp baking soda For the filling: 350 gr fresh ricotta cheese, 200 gr powdered sugar, 70 gr bittersweet chocolate grated, 70 gr ground almonds, 70 gr candied fruit, 30 gr raisins, 1 vanilla bean split, 2 tspns maraschino cherry juice, 1 tbsp Alchermes liquor.
Last modified on 06 February 2013

Lake Trasimeno, Restaurants, Fish and Wines

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Published in Umbria Food
Unlike Lake Bracciano and Lake Bolsena in north Lazio, the third and largest of Italy's great central lakes, Lake Trasimeno, is not of volcanic origin. Perhaps for this reason the depth of the water never surpasses six meters. Yet, it is huge, some 128 square kilometers and surrounded by soft valleys and sweeter hills where vineyards alternate with sunflower fields and olive trees. From 1995 the territory was nominated 'Parco del Lago Trasimeno' to protect and safeguard the whole environment. We've experienced the lake at all times of the year from the 3 months of drought in the summer of…
Last modified on 01 February 2013

Lake Trasimeno Restaurants

Published in Umbria Food
"Trasimeno a Tavola" is an initiative to assure the visitor of tbe quality and genuineness of tbe products and dishes served in the zone of Lake Trasimeno. The restaurants and trattorie featured represent a link to those ancient traditions that regulate traditional life on the shores of tbe lake and we have selected 10 for you. Download the full guide from the bottom of this page and browse our selection below. Delicious Italy has eaten at Il Lido Solitario.
Last modified on 20 January 2013

Sanctuary of Madonna dei Bagni

Published in Umbria Itineraries
The sanctuary, founded in the seventeenth century, is in the territory of the parish of Casalina town of Deruta (in the province of Perugia). Inside the sanctuary, the walls are covered with numerous panels of great value of Deruta pottery, that citizens have given as "ex voto" for the miracles received. In addition to the extraordinary beauty of each panel, it is interesting to see through the designs what have been miracles over the centuries, up to the first and second World War ... and beyond. THE HISTORY: An episode is almost banal for the origin of this devotion to Madonna…
Last modified on 20 January 2013

Homeland of Il Perugino

Published in Umbria Itineraries
Pietro Vannucci was a renaissance artist whose life and work were based in Umbria, especially the towns of Città della Pieve (his birthplace), Perugia (his adultlife) and Fontignano (his last years). He was born in 1450, son of a priest. In his early twenties he picked up the nickname 'Il Perugino' which was given to him by his contemporaries in Florence under whose rule Perugia fell. Between 1480 and 1482 he painted his most famous works such as 'La Consegna delle Chiavi a San Pietro'. He was also the man who managed the team of painters who produced the frescoes…
Last modified on 19 January 2013

Torgiano Wine and Art

Published in Umbria Itineraries
The town of Torgiano still preserves its typical medieval appearance and the remains of its ancient walls. The symbol of the town can be seen from all around and is the Torre di Guardia built in 1274 and the only remaining structure of the ancient defences as they once were. Do visit the Church of S.Maria nel Castello and that of Madonna dell'Olivello for its treasured paintings from the 1500's and 1600's. The fortified part of the town is situated between the middle of the Tiber valley and that of the Umbrian valley. In fact, it overlooks the confluence of…
Last modified on 19 January 2013