Chefs Stefano and Andrea Rodella, L'Antico Forziere, Umbria

Stefano and Andrea Rodella, L'Antico Forziere Restaurant, Umbria Stefano and Andrea Rodella, L'Antico Forziere Restaurant, Umbria

Twins Stefano and Andrea Rodella propose a cuisine which combines traditional Umbrian and Veneto (the family's origins) culinary influences in an innovative and creative way.

Both have had professional working experiences for many years in France and Italy under the guidance of Chef Giancarlo Perbellini and their dishes have featured in magazines and trade publications.



1 When did your passion to be a Chef begin?

We grew up in a hotel managed by our parents, so we lived from a very young age in an environment where we would spend lots of time around the chefs learning, in our own way, how to make cakes and muffins.


2 What were your first experiences in the kitchen?

Our first culinary experiences were actually those in the hotel managed by our family, but once we had signed up to the hotel school of Castelfranco Veneto, we started to have professional work experiences in many restaurants.

Amongst the most significant: Ristorante Perbellini (Isola Rizza, Verona), Relais Le Jardin (Hotel Lord Byron, Rome), Relais de la Poste (Strasburgo), Ristorante Il Cambio (Turin) and Hotel Toulà Villa Sassi (Turin).


3 A dish closest to your heart?

The dish which has represented us most for many years now is “frangealla rapa rossa con porro e semi di papavero” (image above) which we actually created at the age of 16.

Straight from the start it attracted interest from many experts and those passionate about food. It was subsequently published in specialist magazines in the catering sector.


4 What ingredients do you prefer to use?

There are many ingredients we like to use and we are always on the look out for new products and ways to cook and create.

But if we have to mention one then it would be chocolate because of its versatility of use in its various forms and for the variety of the product itself (percentage of cocoa, origin, etc) which allows us to create combinations of color, flavor and unique forms which are always different.


5 In what direction is Italian cuisine heading

We believe the Cucina Italiana for many remains justly linked to tradition, but today's direction is that of continuously pushing it towards the world of creativity and innovation.

Our idea is that of being able to make dishes which, thanks to creativity and innovation, elevate the flavour and products which are the base of traditional Italian cooking.


6 Share with us a secret of the Chef?

The secret for the success of our dishes is certainly the use of optimal basic materials in such a way that tradition and innovation come together without one dominating the other.


7 One dish which sums up the territory?

One above all which unites traditon and innovation is surely “quaglietta tartufata su cestino di mais con nido di zucca ed erbe croccanti”.


The restaurant is open every day, except Mondays, for lunch and dinner. Restaurant times: Lunch 12:30 pm - 02:00 pm. Dinner 08:00 pm - 10:00 pm. An "a la carte" is proposed.

Antico Forziere Ristorante & Logis Country Inn
Uscita E45 per "Casalina", 06051 Deruta, Perugia
Tel +39 0759 724 314

For Umbria food fans, the restaurant of the Country House L'Antico Forziere near Deruta is located in a strategic position for exploring Perugia and its chocolate festival, Torgiano and Lungarotti estate, wine and olive oil museum, as well as Montefalco and its famous Sagrantino wine. Chefs Stefano and Andrea Rodella have…
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