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Our recommendations if you are planning a vacation or visit to Milan, Lake Garda, Lake Iseo and the rest of Lombardia.

  • Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel & Conference Centre

    The Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel & Conference center is the only hotel with direct access inside the Terminal 1 of Malpensa’s Airport and only 30 minutes away from the city center.

    The hotel opened the 1st of October 2010, and our brand new structure is the perfect choice for those traveli...

  • Il Canneto Restaurant, Milan Malpensa Airport

    Il Canneto is the in house restaurant of the new Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel & Conference Centre.

    It offers a tranquil and attractive environment for a gastronomic break between flights or a reference point for a convention or business meeting. Just like the rest of the hotel, style is up...

  • Milan and Last Supper Private Tours

    These two experiences of Milan are run by Walks of Italy and feature visits to the most important sights of the city, not least the Duomo and the Last Supper.


    A private tour lasting 3 hrs 30 min and departing every day, except Sun. and Mon.; between 9:45am and 11:30am or at 2:15p...

  • E20 Events and Weddings, north Italy

    E20 Events and Weddings was set up in 2010 in Mantua, north Italy, by Mariangela and Stefania following a career in Relationship Marketing.

    With a cosolidated network of contacts and resources, they combine creativity and professionalism for anyone seeking to experience the perfect event or sp...

  • The Westin Palace Hotel Milan, Meetings & Events

    The 5 star luxury Westin Palace Milan Hotel is one of the mosted quoted locations for corporate events, gala dinners, business meetings or private wedding receptions in Italy's fashion and financial capital.

    The hotel boasts 13 modular rooms which, in different formats, can accommodate up to 450...

  • Milan Meeting Rooms and Event Facilities

    The 4 star superior Sheraton Diana Majestic hotel, together with the dining facilities of the Restaurant heat>diana, h club>diana Bar and h club>diana garden lounge make a stylish choice for a meeting or event in Italy's fashion and business capital.

    There are four specific function rooms which we ...

  • Italy Five Lakes Tour

    The Italian glacial lakes are set among the magnificent mountains of Northern Italy, a landscape that takes your breath away.

    Giuseppe Verdi. Henri Stendhal, George Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and William Wordsworth were all captivated by the deep blue waters, alpine peaks and flourishing flora.


  • Casanova Restaurant, Milan

    The Casanova Restaurant can be found inside The Westin Palace Hotel in Milan and has become one of the main reference points for the Milanese fashionable food crowd.

    The cuisine is mainly inspired by Mediterranean tradition, but Chef Augusto Tombolato and Maitre Corrado Giboni invite their ...

  • Sheraton Diana Majestic Hotel, Milan

    With over 100 years of history, The Sheraton Diana Majestic is an iconic and historical hotel in Milan.

    Located in the heart of the Milanese shopping and finance district, the hotel has a remarkable history in the life of the upper class Milanese and travelers visiting the city.

    Furthermore, since...

  • The Westin Palace Hotel, Milan

    The 5 star L Westin Palace, Milan is an historical luxury hotel conveniently located in an up and coming and well connected area of the city.

    Traditionally known as one of the preferred hotels by high society for social events & private celebrations, the Westin Palace since years represents an eleg...

Delicious local Italian gastronomic products from the region of Milan and Lombardia. Where to go, what to look out for and when to find them in season. Start with our latest articles below or search the full list in the right column.

  • Happy Hour Aperitivo in Milan

    Published in Lombardia Food
    Taking an aperitivo in Italy has now become very fashionable in the main Italian cities, not least Milan. An aperitivo (or aperitif in English) is traditionally considered to be a pre-dinner drink, served to stimulate the appetite before a meal. At most bars throughout Italy, drinks are served with a bit of potato chips and olives to snack on. But, in many bars throughout Milan, the idea of an aperitivo has since grown to include enough food to serve as a replacement dinner.
    Last modified on 01 October 2013

Franciacorta Wine Zone and Festival of Franciacorta

Published in Lombardia Food
There are two main wine growing zones in the province of Brescia. The first occupies the slopes towards Lake Garda while the second is the the famous Franciacorta to the west of the provincial capital on the sweet slopes of the 'colline moreniche' facing Brescia and Lago d’Iseo. The name probably refers to the order or 'corti' of monks who cultivated the land and protected the town of Brescia from attack by northern barbarians. For this they were exempt, or 'franche', from paying tax. Others suggest it refers to the short or 'corta' attempt by the French to take the…
Last modified on 27 September 2013

Cremona Mustard

Published in Lombardia Food
The province of Cremona is characterized by the flood plain of the River Po and its borders with Emilia Romagna. Interestingly, it's not the famous salami from the zone which catches the eye, it's the mustard. Indeed, Cremona is Italy's mustard capital.
Last modified on 14 January 2013

Best Risotto alla Milanese

Published in Lombardia Food
Who makes the best Risotto alla Milanese in Italy? Well now we know thanks to the initiative "GIALLO MILANO" which is a competition to find out. The event was developed to promote and save the gastronomic traditions of the city of Milan and the territory 'ambrosiana'. Over 50 restaurants in Milan and the province of Milano participate.
Last modified on 28 November 2012

Panettone for Christmas

Published in Lombardia Food
Panettone is the classic Christmas cake eaten across Italy during the festive period or holiday. Panettone is, in fact, a typical cake from Milan. Although there are several versions of its origins, this legend of how panettone was born is one cherished by the Milanese. The name, "Panettone" comes from "Pane di Toni," (or, bread of Tony), who was supposedly the kitchen boy who invented the dessert while working at the court of Duke Lodovico il Moro. A large Christmas eve banquet was being held by the Duke, during which the head-chef accidentally burnt the planned dessert. Somehow, Toni salvaged…
Last modified on 19 November 2012

Cremona Torrone Festival

Published in Lombardia Food
Cremona is famous for its mustard of course, but perhaps it should be more famous for its sweet Christmas nougat called torrone. The annual Festa del Torrone, or Torrone Festival, takes place in the third week of November and is the ideal pre-festive appointment before Christmas. The historical center of Cremona is full of stands celebrating the sticky sweet. Not just torrone from Cremona, but other versions from all over Italy. Most torrone is made from honey, vanilla, eggs, almonds and toasted hazelnuts and Cremona is Italy's capital. The event is full of processions, spectacles and many free hapenings, not…
Last modified on 05 October 2012

San Colombano Wine, Milan province

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The Colle di San Colombano are located due south of Lodi and the San Colombano d.o.c. wine is the only DOC wine produced in the province of Milano. The hills are surrounded, rather incongruously, on all sides by the lowlands of the River Po plain. Yet, the minerals absorbed from millennia of floods have left a terrain ideal for producing good wine.
Last modified on 05 September 2012