Guide to Turin and Piemonte

Guide to Turin and Piemonte (59)

Our recommendations if you are planning a vacation or visit to Alba, Asti, Turin and the rest of Piemonte.

  • Turin Coffee Bar and Pastry Shop Tour
    Two fine tours of Turin offered by Turin based Language Point. The first is for anyone seeking the very best of the city's gastronomic culture and in particular the famous coffee bars and pasticcerie. The second is an itinerary taking you past the most significant historical landmarks of the histo...
  • Language Point, Turin Tourist Guide Services
    Language Point is owned and run by Giorgio Nigra and has been in business since 2004 offering translation and interpeting services as well as language courses for individuals and companies. This passion for language, together with a knowledge of the historical and natural patrimony of Turin and pro...
  • Cooking Classes in Turin
    These 2 cooking classes taken place in a professionally equipped food laboratory in Turin, the regional capital of Piemote or Piedmont, and will help you appreciate the classic recipes of the territory. All the lessons last 3 hours and you will learn about pizza, bread, focaccia, pasta and pasta sa...
  • Piemonte Cooking Programs
    The region of Piemonte isn't just wine, truffles and chocolate. It offers a unique collection of dishes and recipes refelcting its history and traditions. From stuffed vegetables to 'vitello tonnato' and 'bagna caoda'. Fresh pasta like 'tajarin' and 'ravioli del plin' to refined meat courses such a...
  • Asti Cooking Vacations, Villa Gaia
    The following cooking vacation package put together by Villa Gaia is a perfect short break to discover the zone of Asti and Alba, and taste some great food and fine wine. Here we highlight the 3 days and 2 nights proposal, but note that a four day three night offer is also available. Both require a...
  • Turin Shopping Tour
    Shopping is in the blood in Italy and Turin’s shopping scene is as lively and enjoyable as other big Italian cities such as Milan and Rome, and has some particularly delightful specialty stores (antiques, books and chocolate seem to be an obsession), along with the usual array of beautifully present...
  • Italy Five Lakes Tour
    The Italian glacial lakes are set among the magnificent mountains of Northern Italy, a landscape that takes your breath away. Giuseppe Verdi. Henri Stendhal, George Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and William Wordsworth were all captivated by the deep blue waters, alpine peaks and flourishing flora. D...
  • Lake Maggiore and Gattinara Winery Tour
    Tasting Tour proposes a day trip with local tour guide to discover the beautiful shores of Lake Maggiore in Piemonte. First stop is Stresa, a charming village caught between the mountains and the lake with its beautiful XIX century mansions and gardens. Meet your tour guide in Stresa and depart wi...
  • Half Day Piemonte Tour by Tasting Tours
    Local incoming travel planner, Tasting Tours, will help you discover the best corners of the famous truffle zone of Alba and equally famous wine capital of Asti. In between you will discover the culinary secrets of the gastronomic heart of Piemonte from Barolo to Barbaresco and further afield. Vie...
  • Bramafam, Boutique Tour Operator, Piemonte
    Discover ancient Piemonte culture, lifestyle, history and food with Bramafam, a boutique tour operator specializing in personalized travel services and event organization in Piemonte and the rest of Italy through local partnerships. Your journey starts in Saluzzo, described by Annalisa as one of th...
  • Bramafam Holidays and Events Organisation, Piemonte
    Bramafam Holidays & Events is a boutique travel company based in Saluzzo, Cuneo, specialized in promoting the very best of Piemonte and the rest of Italy. In particular, tailor made tours to discover the lifestyle, art, culture and enogastronomy of the regions through personalized travel and origin...
  • Grand Barbaresco Wine Tour
    Tasting Tours based in Asti propose this Grand Barbaresco wine tour to discover three producers located in the 3 villages of the Barbaresco region where only 1,200 acres are planted (the area is much smaller than the Barolo district). Made from the same nebbiolo grape which gives Barolo, Barbares...
  • Grand Barolo Wine Tours
    This special wine tour in Piemonte by Tasting Tours takes the visitor to some of the best barolo producing wineries in the region. Piedmont is a wine region rich in history yet there are viticulture and enology methods have only taken root over the past two decades. Nebbiolo is the great grape of t...
  • Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Tours
    An opportunity to discover the three essential and most genuine gourmet products of Piemonte; cheese, wine and chocolate. The tour starts with a sightseeing tour of the Barolo production area with a stop at Grinzane Cavour to admire the imposing XIII century castle, La Morra with the scenic “belved...
  • Barolo and Barbaresco Wine Tour
    This day long guided wine tour of Barolo and Barbaresco is being proposed by Tasting Tours of Asti. Meet your English-speaking guide in your hotel and depart for the Langhe area in the southern part of Piedmont, famous for white truffles and some of the most sought-after red wines in Italy, i.e. Ba...
  • Wine and Truffle Tours near Asti
    Tasting Tours of Asti will help you discover close up the wine and truffles of Asti and Monferrato in Piemonte where the hills produce the third great jewel of the local wine-making scenario, Barbera d'Asti, and the unique black and white truffles (black truffles from February to September, white tr...
  • Villa Gaia B&B, Asti Monferrato
    Villa Gaia is a delightful place to stop during a visit to the vineyards and wine territory of Asti and central Piemonte. Villa Gaia is situated along the “Asti Greenways” routes which allows visitors to discover the rolling hills of this corner of Piemonte on two wheels. Mountain bikes are ...


Lake Maggiore and the smaller Lake D'Orta are the premier visitor destinations in Piemonte and they include the towns of Stresa, Baveno and Lesa.

Alba and Asti come next for the truffles and wine of course, but are in fact part of a larger enogastronomic zone which links these two cities with much more picturesque localities such as La Morra, Bra, Barolo, Barbaresco and Monforte d'Alba all the way to the Monferrato.

Torino or Turin took the opportunity of the Winter Olympics in 2006 to reinvent its post industrial image and is more than worth a short break.

West towards the Alps and the main ski resorts are overlooked historical gems such as the Sacra of San Michele in Avigliana.

The rest of the region remains to be discovered. For example Dogliani and Murazzano are fabulous cheese making zones in the south towards the Liguria border.

And just before that border is Montezemolo and the precipitous motorway to the coast. Not for the faint hearted.

With perhaps a special mention to Ivrea and its annual orange throwing festival, the Upper Po Valley and Biella, the Manchester of Italy!

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  • Guide to Alba

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    Alba has always been a gateway through the hills to Liguria. The famous truffle city is, in fact, capital of the zone known as the Langhe. The historical center sits inside the Roman walls while Via Maestra links Piazza Savona, symbol of the 1800's, to the old core at Piazza Risorgimento and the 15th century cathedral. The whole series of churches and medieval houses sits tightly in a triangle formed by the Rivers Tanaro and Cherasca. It is here Piemonte's only real 'pasta asciutta' can be found and visitors should also look out for the food market near the River…
    Last modified on 24 October 2013

White Truffles from Alba

Published in Piemonte Food
From late December to just before Christmas, the white truffle is king in Alba. It commands the attention and money of locals and visitors, who hunger to buy or taste it. In the shops, it is displayed under glass and sold by the gram at about € 400-500,00 per one hundred grams. To be honest, the truffles these days dont necessarily come from the local woods around the Ferrero Chocolate Factory, but more likely the unspoilt zones of the Monferrato area in the south-eastern part of Piedmont. Yet Alba remains, as it always has, the key market for the commercialisation…
Last modified on 03 October 2013

Piemonte Tours

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Browse the main Travel Categories menu above for all the tours, vacation breaks and guides featured in Delicious Italy divided by typology. Below we highlight a selection of incoming tour offers in Alba, Asti, Turin. Lake Maggiore and the rest of Piemonte.


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Selected Accommodation in Piemonte

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Guide to Turin, history and museums

Published in Piemonte Itineraries
Turin is an extraordinary, interesting city with a very rich, centuries’ long history. Starting with the Turin Shroud of course; megafamous and a fascinating relic. We dont want to say anything more about it as the official website below has plenty of articles about its restoration, scientific analysis, spiritual significance and even a series of streaming videos. See the link at the foot of this article. However, visitors to the city should discover the additional museums across the city. We have picked five which offer a sense of the historical past and identity of Turin today.
Last modified on 17 July 2013

Top Turin Coffee Bars

Published in Piemonte Food
Three good reasons for visiting the provincial capital of Piemonte? The home of Fiat; of course! 'Juventus', Italy's most supported football team; maybe not! And the third ... Well, we like the delightful cafés and pasticcerie or cake shops where you can sit in elegant surroundings and taste the good life as it must have been 100 years ago. Take your pick from the coffee bars listed below. All images copyright Delicious Italy.
Last modified on 07 April 2013

Ivrea Orange Throwing Carnival

Published in Piemonte Itineraries
The carnival of Ivrea is one of Italy's most spectacular thanks to one enterprising ingredient - the Battle of the Oranges. Three days of build up and offically sanctioned violence are 'organised' when the squares and piazze are turned into battle grounds between 9 competing teams and 3000 people. The origin of the madness goes back to a legendary people's revolt against Count Ranieri of Biandrate and is based on liberty and freedom of expression. Before the battle on the Sunday of Carnival, the populace are fed with free beans, perhaps to sustain them during the rigors of battle. The…
Last modified on 11 February 2013