Guide to Naples and Campania

Guide to Naples and Campania (84)

Our recommendations if you are planning a vacation or visit to Naples, the Amalfi Coast and the rest of Campania.

  •  Restaurant Poggiolo del Principe near Palinuro, Cilento
    Restaurant 'Poggiolo del Principe' near Palinuro in Cilento welcomes visitors and guests in a homely atmosphere putting all diners at ease just like travellers once upon a time during the Grand Tour. Just like then, English is not widely spoken in Cilento but everyone in the territory, from child...
  • Hotel Borgo Antico, Palinuro, Cliento National Park
    Hotel Borgo Antico is a relaxing family resort accommodation near Palinuro in the Cilento National Park in the province of Salerno. This is the zone of Italy which gave us the Mediterrean Diet made famous by Ancel Keys and the in-house Poggiolo del Principe Restaurant serves guests some of the ...
  • Classic Cars for your Italian Wedding
    Looking for the ideal historical car for your wedding or special occasion in Italy? Then contact Spider Life Style who specialises in classic convertible car hire along the Amalfi Coast and own a fleet of prestigious brands such as Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Maserati, Ferrari, Lancia, BMW, Volkswagen, Mini ...
  • Classic Sports Car Hire for Corporate Incentives
    Spider Life Style is based in Sorrento and the company are specialists in classic convertible and sports car hire along the Amalfi Coast and the territory of Naples and the rest of Campania. The large range of vehicles can, of course, be hired for private vacations, but also for corporate events an...
  • Amalfi Coast and Classic Car Weekend Break
    The following package is offered by Spider Life Style who specializes in classic Italian sports car hire along the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsular. The short break proposal is for two people to enjoy a wonderful long weekend or 5 Day vacation driving a classic 1960's FIAT 500 with your bas...
  • Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Shore Excursions
    Sorrento Star Cars are specilaists in private and tailor made tours along the Amalfi Coast and have developed a series of proposals for anyone arriving by cruise ship in the ports of Naples, Salerno, Sorrento or Amalfi. Based on your interests or preferred destination to discover, individuals, coup...
  • Sorrento Cooking Art
    Sorrento Cooking Art is a new Italian Cooking School located in one of the most stunning locations you could possibly wish to experience. It is called Villa il Pizzo sitting in the largest privately owned lemon grove in Italy whose 14 hectares stretch to the cliffs of Piano di Sorrento; themselves ...
  • Dreaming Sorrento Guest House
    Dreaming Sorrento Guest House is made up of 4 chic apartments just a pebble's throw from the beach and small harbour of Meta along the Sorrento coast. It offers a cozy holiday base for anyone seeking a vacation in this beautiful part of Italy, as well as to explore such locations as Naples, Pompei,...
  • Cooking Lessons in Positano
    If you are seeking to enjoy a cooking lesson or class in Positano, then look no further than Restaurant Donna Rosa. In the center of Positano, in a enchanting spot overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and above the colorful scenario which is Positano, Donna Rosa has opened the doors of her villa to gu...
  • Sorrento Star Cars, private car hire
    Sorrento Star Cars is run by Vittorio Starace who has lived and worked in the area for 30 years specializing in tailor made and private excursions & transfers as far afield as Rome and Florence and much of southern Italy. His clients include major international tour operators such as Kuoni, Thomson...
  • Sorrento Sail Charter
    Sorrento Sail Charter offers the possibility of a wonderful vacation along the Amalfi Coast whether you have never handled a yacht before or are an experienced hand. Your vessel is Called "M2" and was bult in 2008 and is 12.85 meters in length. The boat has 3 rooms and can sleep a maximum of 8 peo...
  • Spider Life Style, Classic Italian Sports Car Hire
    Spider Life Style specialises in classic sports and convertible car along the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento to Positano, Minori, Pompei, Vesuvius and as far as Caserta and Paestum. The overall aim of the company is to combine a passion for classic cars with a great vacation, but not only. Accommodati...
  • Walks of Italy, Naples and Pompeii Tours
    Find out more from Walks of Italy about these excursions to Pompeii, Naples and Mt. Vesuvius. Book them online by following the links below. Here we indicate when the tours run and if they can be enjoyed as part of a group or privately. The basic price indicated includes all tickets and reservati...
  • Notturno Intarsio inlaid wood furniture, Sorrento
    Notturno Intarsio manufactures inlaid wood items and furniture in Sorrento along the Amalfi coast. The company is continuing a 500-year-old tradition for an unprecedented standard of craftmanship and beauty by skilled artisans that has become the finest in the world. The raw material used is a var...
  • Ristorante Donna Rosa, Positano
    The delightful Donna Rosa restaurant is just over 4km from the heart of beautiful Positano. Since 1997 the family owners have have created a romantic, refined place to dine and eat well. The restaurant is divided into two rooms. One caters for non smokers while the other is a small but sunny te...


There's a lot to experience in Campania, more than you can possibly imagine and the past is ever present.

You have to go to Amalfi along the Amalfi coast of course. Anyone who arrives as the shadows lengthen on the sun baked walls needs little imagination to visualise the period of pirates and Mediterranean traders.

It was thanks to them that the lemons and other citrus fruit flourish along the coast, cultivated for vitamin C for long sea voyages.

Sorrento may have sold its soul to mass tourism long ago, but the wider Sorrento peninsular has to be explored.

Don't miss out on Naples and especially the Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte before setting out on an excursion to the volcanic zone of the Phlegrean fields, favored by the Romans as a port and Dante for his inspirational Inferno.

The inland provinces of Benevento, Caserta and Avellino are green and hilly and the local gastronomy could not be more of a contrast to the coast. Expect to find truffles and chestnuts and to follow in the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi like much of the central Appenines.

The province of Salerno is notable for the Temples of Paestum, the Cilento National Park and Italy's best buffalo mozzarella cheese and perhaps olive oil.

As for the islands of Capri and Ischia, just hop on to the boat from Mergellina. Have we mentioned pizza?

Consult our Campania travel articles below, or access them from the links above right divided by recipes, food, wine, itineraries, tours and trip suggestions.

  • Three Great Wines of Avellino

    Published in Campania Food
    There are three great DOCG wines from the province of Avellino:'Fiano', 'Taurasi' and 'Greco di Tufo'. The last of the three might be the most familiar but both the Fiano and the Taurasi are superb. 'Greco di Tufo' is the most ancient of the grape varieties and was originally imported to Italy by the Greeks from Thessalia and by the Pelasgi.
    Last modified on 12 December 2011

Land of Truffles

Published in Campania Food
The Alta Valle del Sele, located in the province of Salerno, is a zone of lush plains, thick woods, rocky mountains and running streams. This means, above all, black truffles. The locality of Colliano is known as the "Terra del Tartufo" due to the discovery of the "tartufo nero di Bagnoli" in a wood on Monte Marzano.
Last modified on 12 December 2011

Wine Tourist Movement in Campania

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The Wine Tourist Movement was founded in 1993 and today has almost 1000 members amongst Italy's best wine estates and cantinas. The most important date of the year for the association is the 29th May when 'Cantine Aperte' is held. Although most of the cantine can be visited throughout the year, this day is viewed as the annual birthday of the Movimento Turismo del Vino and a general celebration of wine growing in Italy.
Last modified on 12 December 2011

Chestnuts of Montella

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Montella in the Alta Valle del Calore in the province of Avellino is famous to most of us for one thing - chestnuts or 'castagne'. They are so good that they have an official seal of approval ('Decreto Ministeriale 5 of December 1987) which recognised them as DOP and subsequently IGP in 1996.
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Pizza by the meter

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Sorrento and Positano get all the press, but the 14 hamlets between Vico Equense and the village of Mount Faito at 1400 meters are worth exploring. That's such places as Arola, Bonea, Moiano, Pacognano, Santa Maria del Castello and Ticciano.
Last modified on 12 December 2011

Best Wines of Benevento

Published in Campania Food
If you are looking to buy the best wines of Benevento province in Campania, then the must-have guide is called 'Guida completa ai vini del Sannio' by Luciano Pignataro e Pasquale Carlo. The book is subtitled '70 estates, 500 labels' and the the authors' choice or 'I vini del cuore' is listed below. It is interesting to note that Benevento is the only province in Italy with a sort of natural wine route. Almost all of the cantine and estates of interest are located along the Fondovalle Telesina and easily reachable.
Last modified on 12 December 2011

Artisan Beer Festival

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The Salotto della Birra Artigianale or Italian Artisan Beer Festival is the first of its kind in southern Italy. The first event took place in January 2008 in 'La Fabbrica dei Sapori' located in Battipaglia and was the brainchild of journalist Luciano Pignataro. There is growing interest in artisan beer production across the Italian regions and many small breweries are cropping up. For example, a guided beer tasting at the Salotto featured Chiostro 'Irish Red', 'Fortemalto Triple' by the Svevo Brewery and 'Fahrenheit' by Maltovivo.
Last modified on 12 December 2011