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Guide to Puglia (88)

Our recommendations if you are planning a vacation or visit to Puglia from Bari, Brindisi and Alberobello, to Otranto, Lecce and Gallipoli.

  • Spa Treatments in Puglia

    Both the luxury Masseria Torre Coccaro and adjacent Masseria Torre Maizza located along the Puglia coast at Savelletri di Fasano offer a series of therapies, treatments and beauty programmes to get you back in shape.

    With one Spa set in an atmosferic rock or cavern and an Aveda Spa located in one o...

  • Restaurant Le Palme, Savelletri di Fasano

    Restaurant Le Palme is the gourmet dining proposal of the luxury Masseria Torre Maizza.

    It is a magnficient location for enjoying creative Apulian cuisine which combines tradition wirth more contemporary preparation and service.

    The ingredients are typically in season and are sourced from the gard...

  • Puglia Vacation in a Week Tour

    A full vacation week tour of Puglia based in Gioia del Colle and Conversano which includes guided visits of all the key destinations in the region such as Polignano a Mare, Alberobello and the trulli, Trani, Castellana Grotte, Altamura, Castel del Monte, Locorotondo, Ostuni, Bari, Otranto, Gallipoli...

  • Risorgimento Luxury Resort, Lecce Restaurants

    The 5 star Hotel Risorgimento Resort in central Lecce offers four dining options which are renowned as a benchmark of gastronomic excellence for the entire Salento and with menus inspired by ancient traditions.

    Consider the restaurants for gala dinners, receptions, gastronomic theme evenings or any...

  • Eos Hotel, Lecce

    The 3 star EOS Hotel opened in 2008 and was designed by the winners of a competition called Viaggio nel Salento for young architects and designers from the territory.

    The end product is a 30 room hotel where the charm and atmosphere of the Salento have been turned into contemporary living spaces an...

  • Hotel President, Lecce

    The four star Hotel President is located in the commercial heart of Lecce and is orientated towards business guests who also wish to spend a holiday in the baroque capital of Salento.

    The Congress Centre has nine meeting rooms on various levels and can host from 15 to 450 people. There are also pol...

  • Risorgimento Luxury Hotel, Lecce

    Located in central Lecce, Salento, Puglia, the five star hotel Risorgimento Resort was completely renovated into contemporary design accommodation in 2007.

    Together with four dining options, three meeting rooms and in-house Spa, the hotel features a reading room, shopping gallery, boutique and Fitn...

  • Bellavista Suite Bed and Breakfast, Monopoli

    The luxury Bellavista Suite bed and breakfast is situated in the 16th century defensive walls of the old historical center of Monopoli, province of Bari.

    Still owned by the same family for over 60 years, the property was converted into refined vacation accommodation in 2006 with the aim of offe...

  • Masseria Torre Coccaro Meeting Rooms, Puglia

    There are five meeting room options in the Masseria Torre Coccaro.

    They are the SEGRETERIA, SALA ARANCETO, SALA CAMINETTO, SIGAR LOUNGE and OLIVE MILL ROOM. We highlight below three of these rooms with short technical information.

    The services for all rooms include videoconferencing, translation, ...

  • Masseria and Beach Weddings in Puglia

    Masseria Torre Coccaro offers two locations for your wedding along the Puglia Coast.

    The first is in the grounds of the Masseria itself and the second right on the private Coccaro beach.

    The wedding in the grounds can be one of two types. A gala dinner or rustic celebration.

    The latter is typical...

  • Apulia Cooking Lessons

    The Puglia cooking lessons of the Masseria Torre Coccaro and adjacent Masseria Torre Maizza are held in the dedicated school of the Coccaro.

    To be precise in the converted old stables where you will learn how to prepare typical local Apulia dishes such as home made pasta, fish, meat and traditional...

  • Turisti in Puglia Incoming Tours

    Turisti in Puglia Incoming is an all female run tour company which has been active in the region for 5 years.

    We promote a range of tourism services from expert tour guides to itineraries across Puglia.

    Vincenza Sgaramella and Roberta Attimonelli will show you the splendid historical and artistic ...

  • Experience Puglia, private Puglia Guide

    Experience Puglia is your local Puglia guide for independent private excursions, tours and vacations in this beautiful part of south Italy.

    Run by travel planner Angelo Coluccia, who is located in the small town of Gioia del Colle in the province of Bari, you will have a guide who was born and rai...

  • Golf Vacations in Puglia

    The COCCARO GOLF CLUB of the Masseria Torre Coccaro in Savelletri di Fasano, is a long tee shot from the unspoilt coast of this fabulous part of Puglia.

    It is immersed in olive and almond trees and is not your usual links course. There are many up and downs and split level greens, all perfectly ma...

  • Experience Puglia, 3 Day Puglia Guided Tour

    This 3 day guided tour of Puglia by Experience Puglia is a vacation package which can also be customized to your own interests. The main tour includes daily discoveries of Puglian typical products and an Apulian cookery class, wine & olive oil tasting and visits to castles, the famous trulli an...

  • Masseria Torre Coccaro Restaurants, Savelletri di Fasano

    There are 4 dining proposals and venues available for guests of Masseria Torre Coccaro and Masseria Torre Maizza.

    Four to be precise and they are Restaurant Gourmet, Restaurant Le Palme, Cabana Restaurant and Coccaro Beach Club.

    As well as enjoyable places to eat fine dishes based on local tra...

  • Masseria Pilapalucci, Toritto, Martina Franca

    Masseria Storica Pilapalucci is a country residence located near the Alta Murgia National Park in the province of Bari.

    It is ideally placed for visiting some of the most important historical sites in the region such as the Cathedral of Altamura, Bari Castle and Castel del Monte.

    Bari airport and ...

  • Relais Valle dell'Idro, Otranto Hotel

    The four star Relais Valle dell'Idro Hotel is immersed in the classic coastal Mediterranean vegetation of the Salento coast near Otranto.

    The slight high plain also means the hotel is situated at the most panoramic point in the zone for breathtaking views of the turquoise sea below.

    This i...

  • Masseria Torre Maizza, Savelletri, Puglia

    Since its opening in June 2006, the Masseria Torre Maizza in Savelletri, central Puglia, enjoys the label of a casual chic country resort near the sea.

    It is set on a large estate overlooking the Adriatic sea and immersed in a countryside full of century old olive trees, delicious organic fruits ...

  • Hotel Sierra Silvana, Selva di Fasano, Puglia

    The Hotel Sierra Silvana is an exclusive four star resort near the Brindisi coast offering a wide range of facilities for a quiet stay in Puglia.

    Guests can choose from 120 standard rooms or 4 rustic trulli in the hotel grounds and enjoy a swimming pool, restaurant, wellness centre, private...

  • Relais Corte Palmieri, Gallipoli, Puglia

    The 18th century Relais Corte Palmieri is a charming and homely bed and breakfast in the old town of Gallipoli.

    It is located just 100 metres from the main street of the city and the perfect base for discovering the 'Città Bella'.

    The B&B is surrounded by the main attractions of the city a...

  • Masseria Torre Coccaro, Savelletri di Fasano, Brindisi

    Masseria Torre Coccaro offers luxury accommodation in Puglia for a vacation or south Italy trip complete with spa, restaurants, cooking class, golf and meeting facilities.

    The masseria dates from the 16th century and is now a superb five star seaside resort on the unspoilt Bandiera Blu shores o...

  • Hotel del Levante, Torre Canne, Brindisi

    Hotel del Levante Brindisi is a 4 star luxury beach resort hotel for family holiday in Puglia. It als oboasts restaurant, business and golf facilities.

    The Hotel del Levante sits right on the private sandy beach of Torre Canne along the Adriatic Coast of Puglia in the province of Brindis...

  • Hotel Palazzo del Corso, Gallipoli, Puglia

    The 5 star luxury Hotel Palazzo del Corso is located in central Gallipoli and is your exclusive home as you explore the art treasures of Puglia and the province of Lecce.

    It is also adapted for business, honeymoon and seaside vacations in Salento, the heel of Italy

    The Hotel Palazzo del Cor...


The region of Puglia includes Bari, Brindisi, Lecce, Taranto, Foggia, Alberobello and the Tremiti islands and can be neatly split into three general zones.

The flat northern plain accompanying the Gargano, the so called heel of Italy known as Salento, and the central zones of Bari and Brindisi typically identified with the conical trulli houses.

Puglia also has one of Italy's liveliest and most inventive music scenes. If you wonder how combining reggae rhythms and the traditional pizzica dance might sound, then look no further.

The Rupestrian villages and churches are another curiosity as are the megalithic dolmen and menhir.

The region has always been a land of passage and cultural exchange. Much has remained in the gastronomy, language, architecture and festivals of Puglia. Do visit the castles of Puglia, not least the mysterious Castel del Monte.

The white washed trulli get all the press and are the symbol of Puglia, but the many numerous masseria along the coast protected the rural population from frequent attack. Fortunately for us, many are now luxurious holiday homes beside fabulously clean beaches.

Consult our latest or last updated Puglia travel articles below, or access them from the links right divided by recipes, food, wine, itineraries, tours and trip suggestions

  • The Ancient Beauty of the Heel of Italy

    Published in Puglia Itineraries
    The territory of Leuca, the very tip of Puglia, the so called heel of Italy, is characterised by stones walls, straw stacks and secular olive trees. These are powerful images made all the more evocative by the smell of origano, thyme, wild fennel and the salty sea. Spectacular beauty which can be taken in with a round trip of the folliwng towns and hamlets. Start in Cagliano del Capo where the roads are squeezed between the sea and the bare sun drenched rocks before arriving at the promontory of Ciolo. Here you can admire a series of gorges which head…
    Last modified on 24 May 2012

Octopus pie recipe

Published in Puglia Recipes
This recipe has been sent to us by the Hotel Salsello located on the Bari coast in Bisceglie and you can eat it in their fine restaurant. The full title of the recipe is 'octopus pie with potatoes and celery with salmon escalope marinated with citrus fruits served on wild rocket leaves'. ingredients 200 gr steamed octopus (remove its gelatinous substance and cut it in pieces), 300 gr potatoes cooked with peel (wash and mash them with a fork), little dill bunch and minced parsley, 4 slices of marinated salmon, tomato rinds dried in oven, orange and lemon pulp, salt…
Last modified on 18 May 2012

Orecchiette pasta alla Pugliese

Published in Puglia Recipes
Orecchiette alla Pugliese pasta ears traditional recipe from Puglia. Easy and delicious! ingredients 500g of orecchiette (ear shaped) pasta ideally fresh, 2 green peppers, 200g of tomato pulp, bunch of fresh basil, olive oil, grated pecorino cheese, salt, pepper, dried hot pepper to taste.
Last modified on 18 May 2012

Greek Salento

Published in Puglia Itineraries
Greek Salento or 'La Greca Salentina' is a cultural and linguistic island in the heart of south Puglia with a history as old as the first invaders of the Italian peninsular. It is formed of the comuni of Calimera, Martano, Martignano, Castrignano dei Greci, Corigliano d'Otranto, Soleto, Sternatia and Zollino. Here they still speak "Griko".
Last modified on 17 May 2012

Adriatic Coast of Salento

Published in Puglia Itineraries
This itinerary takes in Otranto, S. Cesarea Terme, Castro, Tricase and S. Maria di Leuca. Otranto is one of the many fortified cities of Salento, a region for centuries known as 'Terra d'Otranto'. The name derives from the River Idro (water) which in Latin becomes 'Hidrun-tum' as it meets the port.
Last modified on 17 May 2012

Lampascioni onions in Puglia

Published in Puglia Food
Lampascioni or 'vampagioli' are a type of seasonal onion in Puglia which were once always prepared during carnival in certain areas of the region. Now, because onions are available throughout the year, the tradition has faded somewhat but they still make a tasty addition to the table. We have discovered two ways of preparing them. The first is as a 'sweet and sour' dish; the second dipped in fig 'vincotto' or mulled fig wine. This is roughly how to do both: SWEET AND SOUR LAMPASCIONI Firstly, clean and wash the onions well. Shake them to remove all the drips then…
Last modified on 14 May 2012

Summer festivals near Bari

Published in Puglia Itineraries
That combination of faith, superstition, folklore and religious ritual linked to the countryside can still be experienced all over Italy. Not least in Puglia where the annual festivals devoted to the patron saints are still celebrated with intensity and local pride. This is because such events still mean something and are rooted to the land and values of the local people. In the province of Bari, the best time to see them is during the holiday periods, especially mid summer when they coincide with the return to the homeland of many people who work far away during the rest of…
Last modified on 08 May 2012