We advise reading as much as possible about Le Marche before making a visit, as the region is full of unexpected treasures and is criss-crossed with ancient and medieval paths.

Turkish Coffee of Ancona

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The cuisine of Ancona is obviously linked to the sea. Fish and more fish dominate the menu, but an interesting left over from history remains in the local coffee.

Last modified on 04 January 2013

Cantamaggio Singing Festival

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There are many ways to celebrate the arrival of Spring in Italy.

Easter is one of them as is throwing yourself into an icy lake in Alto Adige. Another less known initiative is to wander around your local town, singing.

Not to be confused with the Calendimaggio in Assisi, Umbria, Cantamaggio or 'Canti di Maggio' takes place in many places in Le Marche such as including Pioraco, Morro D'Alba and Cupramontana.

The young, and not so young, people of the town gather in the local cottages and sing improvised folk songs in 'a rima baciata' or rhyming couplets (see video above)

Last modified on 19 September 2012

Tagliatelle pasta with prized white truffle

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This pasta recipe is a classic of the typical cuisine of the province of Ascoli Piceno, especially in the zones of Amandola and Montefortino in the shadow of the imposing Monti Sibillini. Do head to Amandola for the first week of November and the annual 'Diamanti a Tavola' celebrating the prized white truffle.


60g prized white truffle from the Sibillini Mountains, 350g egg tagliatelle, 3 liters chicken stock, 40g butter, salt.

Last modified on 08 June 2012

Stoccafisso All'Anconitana fish recipe

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Here's a dish from Ancona with the main ingredient being dried cod fish recipe. Its origins are lost in the seafaring tradition of the city but we took it from 'Marche da Mangiare' produced by the Regione. To avoid confusion our Collins Italian Dictionary describes 'stoccafisso' as stockfish or dried cod, while 'baccalà' is dried salted cod.


dried cod already prepared to cook, olive oil, chopped garlic, onion, celery, carrots, sliced potatoes, salt and pepper, red tomatoes, origano, thyme and rosemary

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Olives alla Marchigiana recipe

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This dish of Stuffed Olives Ascolana serves 6 people and requires a strong heart.


60 large green olives, 150g flour, 3 eggs, 150g pork loin, 100g mince beef, 3 spoons grated parmigiano reggiano cheese, 150g grated bread, 2 lemons, 2 spoons tomato pastes, 2 slices stale bread, olive oil, 100g chicken livers, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, pepper

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Rosso Piceno Wine

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A number of interesting tales are attached to Rosso Piceno wine. The best involves Hannibal on his way south from the Alps. The General apparently needed to refresh his troops and found an aged 'rosso piceno' was the perfect 'pick me up'.

Pliny the Elder also mentioned the widespread fame of the Picenum vine and reminds us that the wine pre-dated Roman times having been extensively cultivated by the Piceni tribe.

The slopes of the Monte Sibillini are where the grape grows best. Its longevity and popularity might also be attributed to Sibilla who was given the gifts of immortality and the ability to be in a number of places at the same time by the god Apollo.

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Peppe Cotto Master Butcher

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Delicious Italy met Peppe Cotto for the first time when we took the film crew producing the Channel 4 Feast with Heston Blumenthal series to Loro Piceno, Le Marche, in 2008.

Peppe is the rising star of the Italian gastronomic media circuit and has recently featured in such local shows as 'Sereno Variable' on RAI and 'Il Gastronauta' on Radio 24.

Peppe runs the Macelleria Giuseppe Dell'Orso in Loro Piceno, sadly one of the last in this classic Le Marche hill top town, which was once a beacon for the local tradition of cattle rearing. The sepia photos in his butcher's shop remember a different time.

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Le Vie del Romanico in Le Marche

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Le Vie del Romanico nelle Marche' is a presentation of more than 130 late medieval churches, cathedrals, abbeys, priories and monasteries dotted across the Marche region.

Produced by the by Regione Marche as part of the 'Marche Museo Diffuso' project, the booklet and accompanying map are the defintive guide for discovering a 200 year period from the 11th to 13th centuries through its architectural heritage.

This was a time when Le Marche was an important land of passage for pilgrims, traders and cultural exchange through the Apennines between Rome and the Adriatic coast. Also included are hermitages, chapels, baptisteries and even doorways, each grouped according to classic Romaneques, town Romanesque and the lesser Romanequse stlyes.

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Rural Tracks through Le Marche

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This one is new to us; the Farmhouse Route in Marche. Promoted by the CIA or 'Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori', the route passes links 40 farms from as far north as Pesaro to Appignano del Tronto in the south and Sassoferrato in the west. We will let the brochure introduce itself:

'Traveling through the Farms Road you can taste old flavors (the fig sausage, the 'cicerchia', the sheep-cheese and the fossa cheese, the Urbino caciotta and the fried olives from Ascoli which are brought to life again thanks to great activity by farmers ... the chance to rediscover the culture and history of the countryside, of its values, of its essential role for the safeguard of the environment and 'typicalness'.

Similarly, the territory of Urbino and Montefeltro is marvelously rural and can be traversed by wide open and sweeping roads. The rich, pastel colors are at their best in September as Summer gives way to Autumn.

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Brodetto and Marche seafood tradition

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Brodetto fish soup © Centro Culturlae ConeroThe sea off the Marche coast is especially rich with crustaceans and all types of squid, shrimps and cuttlefish. In fact, the region produces some 10% of the country's total fish catch and although much is for export and for sale elsewhere in the country, the local cuisine is not short of a few seafood recipes.

'Brodetto' is the most typical and, as the name suggests, is a type of soup made from the left overs and unwanted scraps that couldn't be sold in the market. Traditionally, it was the daily meal for many workers in the ports and was considered a complete meal.

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