Roberto Baggio was the last name to conquer Brescia. One of the first was Attila the Hun.

Brescia itself was originally called Brixia by the Romans and was an important strategic base for their conquest north.

Sacked by Attila in 452 AD, it spent the next 1500 years as the prize possession of many an Empire that passed through the area.

The Longobards, Franks, Venetians and even Napoleon claimed it and today is best known as the start and finish of the Mille Miglia classic car race every May.

Visitors today should head to Piazza della Loggia which is a splendid example of a Renaissance square. Many great architects contributed to its construction including Palladio of Vicenza fame.

Every May in the middle of the month the classic touring car race the 1000 Miglia leaves Brescia for a week long journey to Rome and back taking in Ferrara, Arezzo, Assisi, Roma, Viterbo, Florence, Modena, Mantova and many other locations in between. short history of 1000 Miglia event here, the official web site:
In April the 3 days of 500miglia touring along villas, castles and charming places of Lake Garda

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