Paths of Moscato d'Asti Wine

The 'Sentieri Pavesiani e del Moscato d'Asti' or Paths of Moscato d'Asti Wine is a route through the wine hills to the south east of Alba in the province of Cuneo.

Your reference point is the town of S.Stefano Belbo recognisable from all around by its ruined, medieval tower which once guarded everyone and everything along the River Belbo.


Today, the whole zone is dedicated to wine production and the rows and rows of undulating, ordered vines are an impressive sight.

Wine produciton is so important that the civic coat of arms bears the Latin ' Vitis Sancti Stephani ad Belbum Vita'.

The route helps us to view the territory through the eyes of S.Stefano Belbo's most famous son, the 20th century novellist Cesare Pavese,

You can visit the museum dedicated to his life and works beside his birthplace, as well as the Study Centre, completely rebuilt after terrible flooding in 1994.

Do visit the Abbey of S.Gaudenzio built around 1000 AD at the foot of the Moncucco hill. It reminds us of the period when the Benedictine monks first drained the land for grape production and were pillars of the local economy.

Today, the abbey is owned by a wine making firm, but the only damage to the original building dates from the barbaric invasion. From here the countryside is at its most characteristic heading towards Canelli or Carno.

Moncucco boasts a sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna della Neve. On the 4th August every year a series of bonfires is lit to illuminate the whole hillside. Moncucco is also known as the 'I Mari del Sud'.

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