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There are over 350 bread types in Italy, of which 250 are readily available. We have listed around 100 below from Lombardia to Sicily. Many will disappear within a generation to be replaced by products which seem authentic, but will not be made with traditional local ingredients.

Some may actually seem to be the real thing, but the give away is the prefix 'tipo' meaning 'like' and is a reference to the shape and preparation. The flavor is another matter. So which regions in Italy are worth visiting just for their bread? Sardinia and Puglia for sure, Umbria and Lazio a close second, but all the regions have their unique bread heritage. Do note that many types of bread overlap into neighboring regions and can also said to be 'native'.

South Italy Bread Types

Altamura bread
Altamura bread


Pane di Altamura, Rota, Sckanata


Pane del pescatore, Pane di Padula, Pane cafone, Pane con i cicoli, Pizza, Taralli, Puccelto rustico, Tòrtano


Pane di Matera, Pane di Rivello, Varone, Pizze ripiene, Ciambelle, Ciambelle a otto, Ficcilatidd


Frese, Pane di castagne, Filone, Cuddurra, Buccellato


Pane di Monreale, Pane e birra, Cucciddatu, Pane e pasta dura, Bukë


Pane carasau, Pane con gerda, Civraxiu, Moddizzosu

North Italy Bread Types

Grissini bread
Grissini bread


Michetta, Pan coi fichi, Pane di segale, Busella


Plava, Puccia, Pane Azzimo, Pan biscotto, Montasu, Bossolàl, Clòpa, Ciabatta Italia, Bibanesi.


Pane di segale, Micoula.


Grissini Stirati, Blòva, Pane di Carlo Alberto, Pane nero di Coimo


Carpasinna, focaccina classica, Blòva della V.Bormida, Grissa di Dolceacqua


Pan di Frizze, Rosetta, Pane di mais, Grispolenta, Cornetto Istriano, Biga servolana.

Central Italy Bread Types

Genzano bread
Genzano bread


Panina gialla aretina, Bozza pratese, Ciaccino, Schiaccia, Testarolo, Pane di Montegemoli, Neccio, Focaccetta di Aulla, Ficattola, Ciaccino


Pane di Terni, Pane casereccio, Torta al testo, Pizza di Pasqua, Pane di strettura, Pan nociato, Pan caciato


Filone casereccio, Pane di Farro, Focaccia Farcita, Crescia maceratese, Crostolo


Ciriola romana, Pane di Lariano, Pizza bianca, Ciambella sorana, Falia, Pane di Genzano


Pane di mais, Pane di spiga, Pane di senatori


Pane di spiga, Pane di Mais, Pane di senatori

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