History of Fasano

30 August 2010 Published in Puglia Itineraries
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A journey to the Archaeologicla Park of Egnazia (BR) in the 1970's - Super8

Present day Fasano in the province of Brindisi developed from the former Casale di Santa Maria de Fajano which was founded in 1088 by the ancient local population. They had deserted the ruins of Roman Egnathia, an important center with even older roots.

Egnazia was the last of the Messapian towns on the border of Japigia and became one of the most important commercial reference points along the Via Appia-Trajana which ended in Brindisi. Thanks to its port, the town became wealthy and was cited by both Strabo and Horace.

Abbey of San Lorenzo in Fasano
Abbey of San Lorenzo in Fasano

Yet all good things come to an end and due to increasing danger from coastal attacks, people left and started living in cave settlements or small casali further inland. And so, one of these casali 'Santa Maria de Fajano' became Fasano. Later on in the 14th century Fasano also became the feudal home of the Knights of Malta.

Another date to remember was 2nd June 1678 when the people of Fasano defeated the Turks in a memorable skirmish. According to local lore the Madonna had appeared to inspire victory and the day is commemorated every year by the pageant of Scamiciata.

The Madonna di Pozzo Faceto is also the protectress of Fasano. Her image was discovered painted on a rock inside a well in the small hamlet of Pozzo Faceto.

Minaret of Fasano
Minaret of Fasano