The region of Puglia can be neatly split into three zones; the flat north plain and Gargano, the heel known as Salento, and the iconic central zones of Bari and Brindisi.

beans and chicories salad 'Incrappiata'

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'Incrappiata' is an Apulian word which means mix, but also chaos, confusion and it is one of the most famous dishes of Apulia Cook

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First Olympic champion

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Panathenian amphoras Greek Olympic prizesIn antiquity the Olympic Games were a manifestation of an ideal, both moral and aesthetic. This included loyal competition, courage, team spirit and commitment to achieving a result.

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Traditional Dishes of the heel of Italy

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The cuisine of the territory of Leuca is made up of simple and genuine dishes reflecting the folk traditions of the very tip of the heel of Italy in Puglia.

The Unione dei Comuni 'Terra di Leuca' has highlighted the best from seven towns in the zone demonstrating the subtle combination of wonderfully delicate and intensive flavours in the local cuisine.

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Province of Taranto

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Do you know your way around the province of Taranto? Perhaps not. The province borders Basilicata in the west and curves eastwards before eventually reaching the province of Lecce, the heel of Italy. Its northern borders are split 40/60 between Bari and Brindisi.

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Guide to Fasano

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The tourist office of the city of Fasano has produced a fold up guide entitled 'across olive groves, from the hills to the sea'. The guide is are split into eight distinct sections which allow the independent visitor to plan a full week away from the office to really get into the local culture and life.

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Ceglie Messapica

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Ceglie Messapica is a wonderful name for an extremely fascinating town in the western extremes of the province of Brindisi.

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Faith itinerary in Galatina

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Walking the streets of many Italian towns and cities you tend to see on the corners of buildings or in small alcoves a variety of religious scenes.

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Canestrato Pugliese cheese

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Canestrato Pugliese is one of the finest cheeses produced in the Puglia region, and so good the European Union has thrown a protection order on it and labelled it 'denominazione d'origine protetta'.

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Oysters from Taranto

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Famed right across the country and not just in Puglia, these oysters are cultivated according to principles honed over centuries.

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Eating Well in Fasano

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Eating badly in the zone of Fasano in the province of Brindisi is a crime according to a small brochure produced by the Città di Fasano. The city guarantees that the many restaurants and trattoria of Fasano offer a high level of quality based on an ancient tradition of excellent local products.

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