The region of Sardinia

Easter in Sardinia

13 February 2013 Published in Sardinia Itineraries

Dan Hostetler highlights Holy Week in three locations in Sardinia.

Easter in Alghero

In homage to the origins of the city, plays depicting the life and death of Christ in Catalan (the original dialectic language) take place. The historical center of the city is draped in red which filters the light to cast an eerie and heavy spiritual feeling on the crumbling walls. Parades featuring a weary Christ and a Madonna clad in black are the highlights of the weeklong series of events. 

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San Nicolò d'Arcidano, Oristano

29 November 2010 Published in Sardinia Itineraries

Rural life must have been tough a century ago in San Nicolò d'Arcidano in south west Sardinia. At least it seems that way from the sepia photographs displayed on the wall of the Shardana Restaurant in north Rome.

This Sardinian restaurant can trace its origins to this small town in the province of Oristano. The exact location of San Nicolò d’Arcidano is between the Monte Linas and Monte Arci mountains ranges; the last town in the most southern comune of the province and bordering the new province of Medio Campidano towards Cagliari. A land of transition of sorts then and especially for the tourist venturing north from the capital of the island.

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Sardinia Holiday Apartment Hotel Domus de Janas

28 November 2011 Published in Sardinia Itineraries

The Holiday Apartment and Hotel Domus de Janas Sul Mare is located by the splendid beach of Torre di Bari right in the centre of the Eastern coast of Sardinia and the province of Ogliastra.

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The Lure of Sardinia towards the Barbagia Mountains

14 March 2011 Published in Sardinia Itineraries

The mountainous center of Sardinia is a marvel unto itself, far from the cosmopolitan cities of Italy´s peninsula and even the coast of the island. They may shine with international resorts, but much of the rest of the Sardinia is timeless and virgin.

Remote villages clinging to their long standing gastronomic customs while clusters of farms and sheep grazing hills produce the remarkable and divine Fiore Sardo or Pecorino cheese. Shepherds season their lamb with myrtle and wild fennel herbs before roasting them over open flames.

Village women still use traditional wood burning ovens to prepare their flat disk pane carasau, sometimes called 'carta di musica' or music paper sheet, and eaten straight from the oven or dried and employed like crepes or pasta in casseroles.

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Il Girotonno Tuna Event

02 June 2011 Published in Sardinia Itineraries

For a decade 'Il Girotonno' has taken place in the first weekend of June in the picturesque fishing town of Carloforte, located on Saint Peter's Island, province of Sulcis Iglesiente in south west of Sardinia. The town can be reached by ferry boat from Portoscuso or Calasetta in aound 40 minutes.Now, the overfishing of tuna is a serious worry, but such are the ancient traditions of catching this majestic fish in this corner of the Mediterranean that the folks of Carloforte must know better than anyone the real situation.

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Gnocchetti Sardi with Bottarga recipe from Sardinia

09 September 2010 Published in Sardinia Recipes

Here's a recipe we have dug up which seems ideal for Spring. A fishy dish with substance as the evenings could still be cool. It also forms part of a special Sardinian Easter meal

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Carnival of Mamoiada

18 February 2011 Published in Sardinia Itineraries

One of the most culturally fascinating and geographically blessed celebrations in Italy, the Mamoiada carnival is a hidden gem of Sardinia that puts on an event unlike any other. While you may be visiting the gorgeous island of Sardinia for a vacation getaway, this bucolic village nestled in the heart of the island is located less than two hours from the coast and is well worth the trip if you’re in the area during Carnival.

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