Notturno Intarsio inlaid wood furniture, Sorrento

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Notturno Inlaid wood factory, Sorrento Notturno Inlaid wood factory, Sorrento Image supplied by Notturno Intarsio

Notturno Intarsio manufactures inlaid wood items and furniture in Sorrento along the Amalfi coast. The company is continuing a 500-year-old tradition for an unprecedented standard of craftmanship and beauty by skilled artisans that has become the finest in the world.

The raw material used is a variety of African exotic such as walnut, birch, mahogany and brier woods, while the inlay is accomplished by layering and sandwiching together various sheets of woods and different colors of veneer.

The company ship all over the world and all products carry a certificate of warantee. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Jcb are all accepted.

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Firstly, the sheets are fastened at four corners and a design sketched on thin paper to be then placed on top of the layering.

The craftsmen use a jigsaw to painstakingly follow the paper design, cutt1ng out the veneer piece by piece. The veneer is then removed from the saw and placed in a container.

Sections of veneer that need a shadowing effect are then placed in a hot sand bath for 10 or so seconds and are reassembled interchanging the different colors of wood.

A special glue is applied covering a sheet of paper and the design is transferred into the sheet to dry. This sheet is then glued to the top of the item, sanded, and finished. Gloss is finally applied and a timeless heirloom is ready to be treasured forever as the images demonstrate.

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