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Eat well at La Corte del Lupo Eat well at La Corte del Lupo

La Corte del Lupo in Nocera Umbra, only a few miles from Assisi, prides itself in offering its guests the finest of traditional Umbrian cuisine all made with locally sourced or organic products directly produced in the agriturismo.

The menu is always based on fruits and vegetables in season and the locanda specializes in cheeses and cold and cured meats. Special gluten free menus are also available for celiacs.

In the warmer months guests can enjoy their meal on the lovely veranda overlooking the countryside or in the dining room in front of the fireplace during the winter.

An agriturismo is, of course, a working farm and this is also the case for the pigs of La Corte del Lupo all raised in a dedicated open area where they eat naturally and healthily.

Not only are the animals treated ethically without growth hormones, or any other type of treatment, the cold and cured meats taste better and are of the highest quality.

Adopt a Pig in Umbria


The agriturismo offers the possibility of adopting or participating in the rearing of one of the pigs.

This means you have a great excuse to visit the agriturismo and experience organic farming close up, as well as enjoying a unique meal and quality time in the heart of Umbria.

Between April and December you can visit and check on the condition of the animal which can grow up to 150kg.

December is when the processing of the pig takes place and over the following months the different parts are transformed and seasoned, from fresh sausages and chops to salami and cured ham later on.

The cost for adopting a whole pig is €1.200 and do contact La Corte del Lupo for all details, but you receive the following:

• 2 hams (prosciutto crudo)
• 4 loins (lonzino)
• 2 capocolli
• 2 rolls of bacon (pancetta)
• 2 pieces of lard from the pig's neck (guanciali)
• 30 salamis approx. 500 gr each
• 12 salamis with liver approx. 300 gr each
• 2 kg brawn (coppa)
• 10 kg pork chops
• 1,2 kg fillet
• Head
• Trotters
• Lard
• Fresh loin Fresh sausages (at the expense of a few salamis)

If you would like to receive the meat directly at home, then shipment can be arranged.

Last modified on 19 November 2012

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La Corte del Lupo is refined agriturismo accommodation near Assisi in the heart of the Umbria countryside. More precisely, in the locality of Pertana near Nocera Umbra and the wonderfully green Monte Subasio Park. The location is stunningly peaceful as you may be able to appreciate from the image gallery below.…
La Corte del Lupo

The flavour of a local goat cheese, the green salad from our vegetable-garden, a freshly made jam tart in the morning and a crispy savoury pie in the evening.

The clean air of a land still uncontaminated, the perfume of aromatic herbs, bed linen drying out in the sun and wood burning in the fireplace.

The silence of the country house, the chirping of crickets, the chatting while sipping a glass of the local wine and the sound of kitchen chores.

All of this is La Corte del Lupo.


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