Our selection of food, wine, gourmet tour and gastronomic vacation proposals from Veneto to Sicily put together by passionate local operators who live in and know their territory best. They include incoming tour operators, hotels, official guides, tour service companies and local agencies, all offering something different.

Calabrian Table Tour

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Join us for our very special annual culinary tour in Calabria called the Calabrian Table Tour. It is exclusive culinary adventure meeting chefs, cooks and locals of Calabria in the form of a journey into the hidden villages of the mountainous Pollino to the coastal areas of Vibo Valentia. This exclusive tour has been put together by Tania Pascuzzi of In Italy Tours and Cherrye Moore a travel writer and Calabrian travel consultant and is a visit to our favorite towns and villages, many of which you would never find in a guide book. It runs just three times in 2015.  
Last modified on 03 June 2015

Italian Days, Bologna Food and Wine Tours

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Italian Days Food Experiences are based in Bologna and are the brainchild of Alessandro Martini. His tours are not only a very personal and personalized discovery of some of Italy's world famous gastronomy such as ham and balsamic vinegar, but are also cooking classes, wine tastings and special guided visits of events and traditional sagra. Below we are highlighting his speciifc tours which depart from Bologna such as a visit to a traditional Italian wine cantina to see first hand the full process of wine production. Or else a one day cooking classes in a professional kitchen in hills of Bologna where you will…
Last modified on 12 May 2015

A Taste of Prosecco and the Veneto

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A Taste of Prosecco and the Veneto runs just once in 2015 from September 13-19 and is 5 days and 6 nights discovering a territory made famous around the world for everyone's famous fizzy aperitif wine, Prosecco. Best of all, the tour is scheduled to take place during the annual harvest. But you will also visit the lagoon of Venice and island of Burano, the cities of Treviso, Bassano del Grappa and Asolo all in this unique tour for food and wine lovers.  
Last modified on 10 February 2015

Personal Food Shopper in Italy

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Personal Food Shopper is an initiatiive by The Westin Hotels and Resorts in Venice, Milan, Florence and Rome to offer you a professional gastronomic discovery of each city. As well as taking you to some of the best places to find out about the famous typical products of each location, after your tour you will also be given assistance if you want to ship your purchases back home. Each Personal Food Shopper experience takes you on a tour through traditional markets, historical shops, exclusive gastronomic boutiques and renowned gourmet spots. You will be accompanied by a multilingual guide who is also…
Last modified on 07 July 2015

Wine Tasting in Venice

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The wine tastings proposed by Venice and Veneto Gourmet have been created and are hosted by qualified sommelier and Venice guide Sara Cossiga. You will be tasting some of the best wines of the territory with each lasting around 2 hours and usually being held in late afternoon. They are designed to be an event which involves all the senses, not just those of your palate. They are hosted with a touch of style and extravagance which sums up the essence of city and which will hopefully stay with you long after you return home.
Last modified on 08 April 2015

Grand Barolo Wine Tours

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This special wine tour in Piemonte by Tasting Tours takes the visitor to some of the best barolo producing wineries in the region. Piedmont is a wine region rich in history yet there are viticulture and enology methods have only taken root over the past two decades. Nebbiolo is the great grape of the region and makes a wine of prodigious quality worshipped by wine lovers everywhere – Barolo. Most would agree that despite efforts to cultivate it elsewhere, Piedmont is the only place where it feels truly at home. Despite the relative calm among the beautiful hills and villages of the…
Last modified on 09 February 2015

Grand Barbaresco Wine Tour

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Tasting Tours based in Asti propose this Grand Barbaresco wine tour to discover three producers located in the 3 villages of the Barbaresco region where only 1,200 acres are planted (the area is much smaller than the Barolo district).  Made from the same nebbiolo grape which gives Barolo, Barbaresco is in a way the younger brother of Barolo. More elegant and aromatic, it is though very powerful and great over ageing. While Barolo has been around for centuries, Barbaresco is only a few hundred years old and started to be popular in the world of wine thanks to Angelo Gaja who…
Last modified on 09 February 2015

West Sicily Wine Tour with Sommelier

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This wine tour of western Sicily includes 4 nights in Palermo and is proposed by Francesca Lombardo a qualified tour guide and sommelier of the Associazione Italiana Sommerlier (AIS). On request a similar wine tour can be put together for the other side of Sicily taking in the zone of Etna. Wine is becoming more and more important for the Sicilian economy. In recent years, beside the most popular French grapes, an increasing number of Sicilian wine producers are focusing their attention on old native or autoctonous grapes, One of these is the Perricone. It’s a red grape, largely used in the past for making Ruby…
Last modified on 08 May 2015

Campania Wine Tours with Driver

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All the provinces of Campania produce wine and Sorrento Silver Star can escort you to the best zones for discovering the region's upcoming producers. The map below is taken from the dedicated wine section of www.sorrentosilverstar.com where you will find quick links to an introduction to each of the 21 varieties. The 3 DOCG from the region can be found in the territory of Avellino. They are of course, Taurasi, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo. This what you can read about Greco.
Last modified on 18 June 2014

Sorrento Food Tour and Cooking Lesson

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This 6 hour tour is proposed by Sorrento Cooking Art based in Piano di Sorrento. It is a culinary experience taking in much of the Sorrento Peninsular followed by a cooking lesson in a fabulous location overlooking the Bay of Naples and lunch. You will be shown how to make a full course Italian meal by Teresa and Monica, who are also experienced guides to the territory, in Villa Il Pizzo. This noble villa is truly unique, not only for it's setting but also being the largest private lemon grove in Italy. Not only that, it was recently used as the lcoation for…
Last modified on 29 August 2014

Discover the Bread and Wine of Altamura

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Puglia Grape Harvest Tour This autumn tour takes place during the grape harvest has been organized with the direct cooperation of Cantine Botromagno one of the most interesting wine cellars of the territory. You will leave appreciating the wider history, nature and human endeavour over the centuries from megalithic times. You will stay in Altamura and all transfers are included.  Even in Italy, very few of people know that the so called Sassi of Matera actually start geologically not from Matera but Gravina, before extending east to Altamura just 10 kms away along a wonderful walk called 'Il Sentiero Belvedere'.  The name of the town of…
Last modified on 04 September 2014

Castelli Romani Food and Wine Tour

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This original week long Rome cooking tour by In Italy Tours is located in the Castelli Romani, about 30 minutes from central Rome. It has been designed to allow the visitor to meet local people, dine with them, cook with them and see close up their daily life in the famous Roman Hills, not least to explore local food in the company of celebrated chef Anna Dente.
Last modified on 30 March 2015

Happy Cooking Umbria Food Tours

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Below is a selection of food and wine tour proposals developed by Daniel Paci of Happy Cooking who specializes in the cuisine and traditional home cooking of Umbria and central italy. Daniela is a licensed tour guide and you can also customise your trips with cooking lessons.  Orvieto wine tour - Day trip to a mysterious town with guided tasting of its famous wine. Morning: tour of a winery, guided wine tasting, light lunch. Afternoon: walking tour in Orvieto: Duomo, Medieval area, Underground City with its wells, caves, tunnels. The Cantico wine road tour - Along the footprints of Saint Francis of…
Last modified on 18 May 2015

Tropea Culinary and Cooking Tours

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As well as cooking classes in Tropea, the following day long food tours are also proposed by In Italy Tours based in Tropea. They are interesting options which can be added to your stay in the region, or even taken in on a daily basis to make a wonderfullly introduction to the food, wine and gastronomic traditions of Calabria.  The excursions will take you to Pizzo Calabro, Caria and into the Mediterranena Sea for unique vacation experiences in this part of Italy. Click on the title of each tour for full details of each on the in Italy Tours website. 
Last modified on 24 February 2015

Culinary Calabria in a Week Tour

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This tour by Tropea based In Italy Tours is both a gastronomic odyssey and a luxury adventure in Calabria. It is an 8 day full immersion into the culinary history and present of the region and takes in Pizzo Calabro, Capo Vaticano, Vibo Marina, Caria and Tropea. Cooking classes and tastings are planned daily and the tour departs from May to the end of October with a minimum of two participants and no more than 8 people. We give a brief tour outline below, but read a full tour synopsis here.
Last modified on 23 February 2015

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