Forte dei Marmi

The resort town of Forte dei Marmi is the jewel of the Versilia Riviera crown along the north Tuscany coast. The Consorzio Turistico Forte dei Marmi affirm 'Always in fashion, always on top of trends' and this is somewhere near the truth.

With the territory stretching over nine square kilometers and accompanied by five kilometers of beach front, local people consider it the most beautiful 'lungomare' in the world. One thing is for sure the dunes, pine groves and local ecosystem are considered integral to the draw of the area.

The soft, sandy, golden beaches and blue flagged water are protected from the extremes of the Italian summer by the nearby Apuan Alps at 2000 meters above sea level and the Gulf of La Spezia.

The Alps are part of a 56,000 hectare national park across the provinces of Lucca and Massa Carrara. As well as a visit to the famous marble quarries, it is possible to go caving in the Antro del Corchia, the longest complex in Italy.

Delicious Italy visited the area in late June and we remained impressed by the combination of sea and mountain. A forty minute drive took us from the summit of the Alps, where the temperature was 6°, to the beaches below where the temperature was a blissful 26°.

Downtown Forte dei Marmi offers fine shopping. The boutiques are full of the latest accessories by Italy's designer names and do be there on a Wednesday morning when the famous open air market attracts customers from all over Versilia.

Summer sees many more festivals, fairs and events. We even saw our first new Fiat 500 during the car's launch in the main piazza.

View some great sepia photos of old Forti dei Marmi in this website.

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