Tuscany should be visited all year round and the many small local realities give the region its continuing fascination. Our latest Tuscany travel articles below.

Etruscan Chiusi

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The territory of Chiusi has been inhabited since the 11th century BC and the early settlers were attracted by the advantageous hill top position looking over the fertile Valdichiana.

The Etruscans didn't want to give up their powerful base and held out until 391 B.C. and the siege by Galli Senoni.

Final submission to Rome came in 351 B.C. In 89 B.C. Clusium as it was called gained an additional strategic position on the Via Cassia.

Last modified on 07 June 2012

San Casciano dei Bagni

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San Caaciano dei BagniThe Etruscan settlement known today as San Casciano dei Bagni owes its existence to the 42 thermal springs and its strategic postion in Tuscany close to the ancient via Cassia and via Francigena roads.

Last modified on 22 February 2011

Forte dei Marmi

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The resort town of Forte dei Marmi is the jewel of the Versilia Riviera crown along the north Tuscany coast. The Consorzio Turistico Forte dei Marmi affirm 'Always in fashion, always on top of trends' and this is somewhere near the truth.

Last modified on 05 April 2011

Etruscan Volterra

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Volterra, near Pisa, is a ancient city of Etruscan origin, although today its appearence is typically medieval. It is still possible to savour an atmosphere of an old borgo, not unlike Orvieto in Umbria in our opinon, also founded by the Etruscans.

Last modified on 22 February 2011

Monticchiello in the Orcia Valley

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You may not know much about Monticchiello, a small medieval hamlet overlooking the Val d'Orcia in the province of Siena.

But everyone knows the classic Tuscan image of the winding cypress tree road and one of the symbols of Italy. And at the end of that road is Monticchiello.

Not far from Pienza it's easy to miss. From a distance only the robust hill tower is visible, but as you get close the formidable defensive walls, medieval gate and castle come into view.

Last modified on 01 July 2012

Fashion Outlets

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Fashion shopping outlets in Tuscany, but across much of Italy, are the new travel leisure experience. Books have been written about their cultural effect and social implications, but they have been firmly inserted into many tour packages.

Last modified on 22 February 2011

Civitella in Val di Chiana

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From Etruscan and Roman times, through the Longobard period to Napoleon and the Second World War, Civitella in Val di Chiana has been an important strategic base for controlling vast zones of the Chiana Valley.

Last modified on 22 February 2011

Apuane Alps

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Between Mount Pania Secca and Mount Pania della Croce you can see the profile of a sleeping giant. Everybody knows it as the dead man and you can easily recognize it both from the plain of Lucca and Garfagnana.

Last modified on 22 February 2011

Legends of Mount Forato

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Mount Forato in the Apuan AlpsThe Apuane Alps in north west Tuscany near Massa Carrara are not for the faint hearted. Every year handfuls of excursionists tend to go missing or worse, both experienced and day trekkers. Not surprisingly the hills have frightened everyone for centuries.

Last modified on 22 February 2011

Land of the Renaissance and Leonardo's House

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I am doing research for a movie on the court and food influence of Caterina dei Medici. I would greatly appreciate the Renaissance menu of Caterina dei Medici as another resource.

'Le Terre del Rinascimento' is the name of the initiative aimed at promoting the comune of Ceretto Guidi, Empoli, Montelupo Fiorentino and Vinci.

The area lies to the north and south of the autostrada running between Florence and Pisa and, while these two centers have their well known charms, we recommend pulling off and discovering the towns and sights either side.

Last modified on 18 June 2012

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