Tuscany should be visited all year round and the many small local realities give the region its continuing fascination. Our latest Tuscany travel articles below.

Florence Renaissance Menu

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The following Renaissance Florence menus were indicated to us by B&B Giglio Bianco in Florence. The first is taken from the "De arte coquinaria" by the maestro de Martino di Como in 1450 while the personal chef menu is a modern take on the original.

Last modified on 12 December 2011

Bagnoli a Ripoli near Florence

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Bagnoli a Ripoli is a short hop due east from Florence towards the Val D'Arno. In fact, it is close enough to Florence to have been once called 'Quartum', a reference to the Roman miles from ancient roman Florentia of the time. Ripoli refers to the barrages which held back the annual flooding of the River Arno in the zone.

Last modified on 12 December 2011

Homeland of Piero della Francesca

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Piero della Francesca was one of the few, great Renaissance artists who stayed at home. He remained faithful to his beloved Sansepolcro and visitors today can discover the man and his work by following, quite literally, in his footsteps. Keep the following locations in mind.

Last modified on 09 November 2011

Schiacciata traditional focaccia Tuscan bread dish

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The majority of the Italian national parks preserve a great heritage of typical food products.

It is essential to rediscover them and to make the most of them, not only to protect the local biodiversity, but also to support traditional activities and the economy of the territory in general.

Last modified on 26 September 2011

Cappellotti pasta recipe from Tuscany

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Home made cappellotti paste filled with Parmesan cheese from Mugello in Tuscany

Last modified on 15 September 2011

Dishes of Arezzo

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The gastronomy of the city of Arezzo owes it profile to the rich fruits of the Val di Chiana. By fruits we are also referring to vegetables, cereals, meat and olive oil, if you see what we mean.

Last modified on 26 July 2011

Garfagnana near Lucca

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Garfagnana from BargaThe territory of the Garfagnana is the inland northern slopes of the Apuan Alps in the province of Lucca in Tuscany. Once you have located the Serchio Valley and the river of the same name you can't go wrong.

Last modified on 26 July 2011

Itinerary around Cortona

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We've all read the book, seen the film, and wish we hadn't, but let's start looking at Cortona through the eyes of those who lived there long before Mrs Mayes. The following are the historlcal buildings and churches not to miss on an itinerary to discover the city.

Last modified on 14 April 2011

Wine Road in the Pisan Hills

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The Pisan hills wine road proposes three itineraries which wind their way through the territory south east of the River Arno, as it flows from Lucca to Pisa almost to the gates of Volterra.

Last modified on 05 April 2011

Walking the Via Francigena to north Tuscany

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'Cammina Cammina' is a project with the objective of re-evaluating the ancient Via Francigena between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. This is the old pilgrim route to Rome, so called because of the many Franks who used it.

Last modified on 05 April 2011

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