The Umbria region of Italy

Orvieto con Gusto

03 September 2010 Published in Umbria Food

Umbria is one of Italy's most delicious regions and as well as the famous olive oil and wine includes such fine products as Norcia ham and Castelluccio lentils.

The typical dishes can be described as both refined and rustic and Orvieto con Gusto in the first week or so of October is worth a visit.

The event is growing every year and contributors include the province of Terni, the Consorzio di Tutela del Vino di Orvieto, the Associazione Città Slow and the Union Europea.

The substance of each event is the same, but the emphasis changes from one Orvieto Con Gusto to the next.

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Umbria Truffle Festivals

03 September 2010 Published in Umbria Food

When and where are the best truffle markets and festivals in Umbria? Between the 'Mostra Mercato Nazionale del Tartufo', the 'Mostra Mercato Nazionale del Tartufo Nero Pregiato' and the 'Mostra Mercato Nazionale del tartufo bianco e dei prodotti agro-alimentari' which do you choose?

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Castelluccio Lentils

03 September 2010 Published in Umbria Food

The Castelluccio plain, famous for its prized lentils and set against the backdrop of the legendary and mysterious Sibillini Mountains, takes on a fantastic appearance during late Spring.

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Caciotta Cheese

03 September 2010 Published in Umbria Food

The cheese and olive oils from Todi and the surrounding area complement each other perfectly. Whether the best olive oil comes from Umbria, Tuscany, Liguria or other, is open to debate, but its the combination of the locally produced flavors which is what the intelligent visitor should really look out for.

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Lake Trasimeno Restaurants

17 September 2010 Published in Umbria Food

"Trasimeno a Tavola" is an initiative to assure the visitor of tbe quality and genuineness of tbe products and dishes served in the zone of Lake Trasimeno.

The restaurants and trattorie featured represent a link to those ancient traditions that regulate traditional life on the shores of tbe lake and we have selected 10 for you.

Delicious Italy has eaten at Il Lido Solitario.

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Eurochocolate Festival in Perugia

03 September 2010 Published in Umbria Food

The annual Eurochocolate festival in Perugia is one of the modern food 'sagre' which has caught the attention of everyone .. and who doesn't like chocolate! It's difficult to wait a whole year for the return of this delicious event, but the festival takes place every October taking over the whole of the historical centre of the capital of Umbria.

Turin, Rome and even Naples at Christmas have held big chocolate events in recent years, but the one in Perugia is now a mammoth 10 day affair and worth a visit. Just make sure you don't need to  take the last train home to Rome over the weekends.

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Deruta Ceramics

24 August 2010 Published in Umbria Itineraries

Deruta, the town of ceramics, owes its origins as a centre for ceramic production to the easy availability of 'argil' or clay from the surrounding hills and the alluvial deposits of River Tiber.

The first documents mentioning the 'land of earthenware close to territory of Torgiano' date from 1296, but it seems brick, tile and terracotta production stretches back to ancient times.

What initially helped the industry grow was the closeness of the river favouring commerce and barter, as well as the exchange of artistic and technical expertise.

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