Rialto Market Visit

03 November 2010 Published in Veneto Food
Shopping in the Rialto Market in Venice Shopping in the Rialto Market in Venice image © Copyright TasteVenice

There are many markets in Venice but the Rialto fish market is undoubtedly the most famous, if not the most famous market in the world. Rialto was the first inhabited zone of Venice and was named in Latin 'Rivoaltus' or 'high bank' which was the actual name of the city until the year 1000 when it became Venezia. It is the smallest area of the San Polo district and people tended to live 'over the shop' as their home and workplace were combined.

Fish stall of Rialto Market in Venice

Food and Conviviality

Rialto was and still is symbolic with good food even in its most simple and popular expression. Combined with another Venetian tradition, that of conviviality', you then get that fabulously local expression of the "osterie e bacari", taverns where ready made dishes can be enjoyed such as saòr, bigoi in salsa, tripe. liver alla Veneziana, fried fish fries and Cicchetti or 'cicheto' which in local dialect means a 'morsel on a stick'. 

In Italy, the Rialto market is a staple item on Italian television programs such 'Linea Verde' on RAI. These hour long travel and food shows are dedicated to finding out what is happening in the world of supermarkets, traditional markets and anywhere the consumer is looking to buy well. They offer advice on how to read a label, how foods reach the consumer and how best to store fresh products (always slice bread before freezing it by the way) etc. 

Fish stall of Rialto Market in Venice

This preamble is simply to propose the Rialto Market tour by our friends at 'TasteVenice' which also includes a cooking lesson and wine tasting. Happy shopping!

Enjoy one of the most vibrant parts of Venice followed by learning how to cook an authentic Italian meal with the perfect choice of wine. The ingredients for the cooking lesson will be bought at the Rialto Market after which you will head to a typical Venetian palazzo to prepare a starter, main dish and desert, together with a wine tasting lesson with Cecilia. 
• Departs Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9.30 to 13.30
• Price: 1 person: €400; 2-3 people €200 per person; 4-5 people €130 per person
• Everything included