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There are many markets in Venice and the traditional Rialto fish market is perhaps the most famous. In Italy it is a staple item on Italian television programs such 'Linea Verde' on RAI. These hour long shows are dedicated to finding out what is happening in the world of supermarkets, traditional markets and anywhere the consumer is looking to buy well.

The programs offer advice on how to read a label, how foods reach the consumer and how best to store fresh products (always slice bread before freezing it by the way) etc.

Earlier this year the show went to Venice to discover the local markets of the lagoon town. Of special interest was a look at the spices and culinary influence from the East which exploded at the time of the Venetian Republic, Marco Polo etc.

This preamble is simply to propose the 'Cicheti and Nizioleti' food market tour by our friends at 'Walks Inside Venice' and to show you the sort of places you might discover such as the Rialto fish market. Happy shopping!

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