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17 January 2017 Published in Veneto Food


The Egg Nicola Batavia @ Hotel Danieli

The Egg Nicola Batavia @ Hotel Danieli is the bistro concept of two of Italy's top chefs; Chef Nicola Batavia of the The Egg in Turin and Executive Chef Dario Parascandolo of Hotel Danieli where the new bistro is located.

Octopus Cicchetti

Inspired by the simplicity of an egg, the original balance of Italian tradition and international influences has now been adapted to the unique ingredients to be found in the Venetian lagoon. And just like the original bistro in Turin the the result is a similar seasonal fusion of the local Venetian cicchetti with haute cuisine.

Octopus Cicchetti

Chiccheti, of course, are those small snacks unique to Venice usually enjoyed with a glass of 'ombra' in the late afternoon. The Egg Nicola Batavia @ Hotel Danieli overlooks Venice from the top floor of Palazzo Dandolo and is an informal spot where to wind down and look forward to the evening.

Tuesday - Saturday
6:30 PM - 12.00 AM

Do enjoy the video above of Chef Nicola Batavia creating one his masterpieces above. Nicola has travelled the world as an ambassador for Italian cuisine. He is also chef and owner of the Michelin-starred Restaurant ‘L Birichin in Turin.

You can read an interview with Executive Chef Dario Parascandolo here. Born in Naples, Dario joined Hotel Danieli in 2014 where he also manages the Terrazza Danieli Restaurant overseeing all of the hotel's culinary experiences.

Octopus Cicchetti

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